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Facts about April Ludgate

April Ludgate is one of the main characters on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Played by Aubrey Plaza, April is the daughter of Ron and Diane Ludgate. In the show, April is the most apathetic person on planet earth – at first glance. She frequently makes cynical, snarky remarks on a variety of topics.

April Ludgate is a negative person who does not care about what happens to herself or to others. She doesn’t believe she has any responsibility to do anything. She’s lazy, unmotivated, and has no concern for her appearance.

She’s not a good friend, bad sister, and self-centered. She’s sarcastic and hates the world. April Ludgate is an average person who is not focused on herself.

She starts off the show as an intern for the parks and recreation department, but is quickly promoted to a full-time employee. In the first episode of the show she tries to establish herself as an important part of the team, but quickly realizes that she has to work for it.

She is at the bottom of the social ladder and that is something she does not like. April’s relationship with co-worker Ann Perkins is one of many relationships that will evolve over time. April is known for her biting sarcasm and her love for cigarettes.

April Ludgate is a very bizarre character. She is often seen as annoying and over-opinionated. She often insults people/situations when she doesn’t agree with them.

For example, she said to a stranger, “I can smell the B.O. on your hat from here.” I don’t always like how she acts but I love how she looks.

In the Parks and Recreation season 6 finale, April Ludgate can be seen wearing a blue dress and a pink fedora. I found this outfit really cute.

April first appeared in a season 2 episode of Parks and Recreation called “Beauty Pageant” and quickly became one of the shows more popular characters. April is an intern, sexist, vegan, and overall misanthropic character.

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Humorous, Funny & Sarcastic April Ludgate Quotes

“I Love Games That Turn People Against Each Other.”-April Ludgate

“I very maturely and straightforwardly left anonymous comments about her online.” -April Ludgate

“The only things I like are dogs, sleeping late, and weird birthmarks. You can’t make museums about those.” -April Ludgate

“I wanted to make fun of stupid people while getting drunk. My two true passions.” -April Ludgate

“I found a dead rabbit on the side of the road and I cut its feet off and made it into a lucky charm.” -April Ludgate

“No, I didn’t win. But at least I didn’t make any new friendships.” -April Ludgate

“I’m just gonna live under a bridge and ask people riddles before they cross.” -April Ludgate

“Horizons are dumb. Never broaden your horizons.” -April Ludgate

“I think we can agree that all wine tastes the same, and if you spend more than $5 on wine, you are very stupid.” -April Ludgate

“This is my boyfriend, Derek. This is Derek’s boyfriend, Ben.” -April Ludgate

“I love poinsettias. They’re so much prettier than pink roses.” -April Ludgate

“You are the queen of understated nicknames for the shirts people wear on their feet. You can make anything look awesome even if it is just a shirt on a foot.” -April Ludgate

“I hate how much I love all this singing and stuff, but I guess there is a time and place for everything.” -April Ludgate

“I wanted to make people feel like losers, because I was a loser in high school, and I was so proud of myself for it!” -April Ludgate

“I think a good way to treat anyone is with kindness — but not if it involves a nice gift card. I am just way too hard on myself for most things.” -April Ludgate

I’m just gonna live under a bridge and ask people riddles before they cross. – April Ludgate

I have an older sister and an older brother, and I’m younger than both of them. -April Ludgate

“I thought all YouTube videos should be made to look like this:” -April Ludgate

“If you walk down the street making the exact same face every single day, people are going to think you are a really fun guy or girl!” -April Ludgate

Yes, I am very powerful and feared by many. – April Ludgate

No, I don’t know where my dog died. – April Ludgate

“I don’t consider South Africa a nice place, because it’s in the middle of nowhere. If you want to make a nice place, you have to put it on a really good spot like the Andes. Otherwise, people get sick of it and move somewhere else.” -April Ludgate

“My mom was a bus driver, and she would give me and my brother nicknames like “loser” and “fart.” -April Ludgate

“I don’t think I have any secret talents that are going to be famous, unless I somehow become an art world sensation by making giant sculptures out of used gum wrappers or something. Sorry!” -April Ludgate

“I’m not afraid of the regular world, and I don’t think I am too crazy for this world either!” -April Ludgate

“I never made fun of people with funny-looking birthmarks – because at least you have one, and it almost looks like a normal birthmark. So that’s a compliment.” -April Ludgate

“I never thought I was going to make any new friends ever except for Andy Dwyer.” -April Ludgate

“My ultimate goal is to make it big as a Cartoon Network character. I don’t want to be an actress or anything like that!” -April Ludgate

“I’m not a super-nice person. I think I’m just the average person. You know, the one in the middle.” -April Ludgate

“I really have no hidden talents whatsoever. I just like to be in large groups of people and support them with my endless supply of laughter and musical talent. But I am being genuine, so it’s OK if you don’t believe me!” -April Ludgate

My instinct is to be mean to you. – April Ludgate

“I’m not proud of my body. I like to cover it up with a lot of clothing.” -April Ludgate

“I’m not nice — and I don’t feel bad about that, either! Sometimes, you just gotta do whatever you have to do to survive out there!” -April Ludgate

“I never got in trouble at school for being the class clown. I was in trouble for being mean.” -April Ludgate

“I think I would feel very powerful if I had a bunch of kids working for me and doing everything that I said.” -April Ludgate

“Sometimes, it’s fun to make people feel uncomfortable because you don’t care about them, and you just want to hurt them!” -April Ludgate

“I am not a huge fan of the police. I think they are super scary.” -April Ludgate

“Oh, they were my favorite thing in high school! They’re the reason I went to art school in the first place.” -April Ludgate

“I am more of a practical person than an imaginative person.” -April Ludgate

“I am not into anything other than singing in public and being completely weird.” -April Ludgate

Don’t try to bond with me. – April Ludgate

I’m stubborn, and I never give up. – April Ludgate

“I like to think that a future version of me is going to be rich and famous because I am super-talented.” -April Ludgate

I don’t know what would have happened if Leslie Knope had never met this town’s weirdo April Ludgate! – April Ludgate

“If Life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and then throw it at people.” -April Ludgate

“I got held back a couple of times and then got put in special education class, because I was very bad at reading. It’s one of my biggest regrets on my record.” -April Ludgate

“I love to go out and drink and have people make fun of me.” -April Ludgate

“They said it’s for some charity, so I figured that would be fine. I had no idea it was a gay bar.” -April Ludgate

“I have a way of speaking that does not make sense at all to normal people.” -April Ludgate

“I liked the idea of going to art school because it seemed so romantic, but I was never really good at anything else.” -April Ludgate

“This is my personal space bubble. Please respect it.” -April Ludgate

“I don’t really like giving myself a credit card, but maybe I’ll start.” -April Ludgate

“I’m not really connected to my family, except for when we meet up at holidays.” -April Ludgate

“My dad is a hard-working guy who goes all over the world with his work and does his job well. But he also owns a velvet painting company that sells a lot of velvet paintings.” -April Ludgate

“I always feel like I should live some place else.” -April Ludgate

“Usually when you get some place new, you have to prove yourself, but I don’t want to do any of that.” -April Ludgate

“My dad started calling me the ‘smart one.’ I hated it so much because what does that mean? It means he thinks there’s something wrong with me.” -April Ludgate

I’ll have a glass of your most expensive red wine mixed with a glass of your cheapest white wine served in a dog bowl. Silly straws all around, please. – April Ludgate

“I don’t feel connected to any of the people I grew up with.” -April Ludgate

“I always thought I’d be a little bit more successful than I am now, but that’s OK because I like who I am a lot.” -April Ludgate

“There are nice things about being thirty, but there aren’t really any cool things about being 30.” -April Ludgate

“I’m pretty sure I have the best future in the world. My parents aren’t going anywhere. They both love me. And my mom has never said anything bad to me!” -April Ludgate

“I used to be really into cats, but for some reason, I am into dogs more now.” -April Ludgate

I’ll just forge it. I forge government documents all the time. – April Ludgate

“I’m being honest when I say I don’t remember doing any of those things.” -April Ludgate

“Sometimes it feels like everything is so small to me, and other times, it feels like nothing is small to me.” -April Ludgate

“I don’t think music is an art form that everyone can appreciate, but I really love it!” -April Ludgate

“I don’t know if I have a secret talent. I do have a lot of confidence though, so it must be the confidence that gives me my big voice in public.” -April Ludgate

“I do not plan on getting married and having kids!” -April Ludgate

“I don’t know a lot about dogs, but I know these ones are awesome! – April Ludgate

“I think I’m a little bit more powerful and feared by many.” -April Ludgate

“I love to make lists at the beginning of each day, and I like to go back and cross my items off at the end of the day. It makes me feel so good!” -April Ludgate

“I am a natural-born pessimist, but sometimes I can be an optimist too!” -April Ludgate

“I am not artistic at all, and I don’t really have any special talents.” -April Ludgate

“I was extremely stressed out when I was in college and felt like there was no way out.” -April Ludgate

“Sometimes, I just play around with people in my head and make up a lot of stuff about them!” -April Ludgate

“I was just trying to be funny, and I think I failed.” -April Ludgate

“I think I’m good at telling jokes, but they tend to be mean ones that are not very funny.” -April Ludgate

“My dad always tells me that the reason he doesn’t like it when someone calls himself a comedian is because he thinks comedians should be smart and funny instead!” -April Ludgate

“I don’t know if I would ever have a rock band or do stand-up comedy or something like that, but maybe I will!” -April Ludgate

“I think it would be cool to be considered cool by some people, but not by most people.” -April Ludgate

“My dad is obsessed with baseball, and he teaches me all the stuff that he knows about it.” -April Ludgate

“I am a good listener, but I’m not very interesting to talk to.” -April Ludgate

“I have a lot of trust issues, and I don’t really trust many people at all.” -April Ludgate

“I think it would be fun to travel the world and do what I want for a living.” -April Ludgate

“I have a different type of singing voice that kind of makes people uncomfortable when I start singing. It’s super loud!” -April Ludgate

“I have some hobbies, but they are not the most interesting hobbies in the world.” -April Ludgate

“I am pretty good at keeping secrets.” -April Ludgate

“I just like to sit back and watch other people do things without having to do anything myself.” -April Ludgate

“I am not fascinated with any of the statistics. I can do the math, but I just don’t care about it that much.” -April Ludgate

“I’ve heard some people are pretty weird in their heads, but I think I am somewhere in the middle.” – April Ludgate

“I don’t like to be very sad and turn it into funny things or make others laugh at me. It’s just not worth it to me.” -April Ludgate

I have done All of the above.” -April Ludgate

“I know I am not very smart, but I’m trying really hard to be smarter.” -April Ludgate

“I think I’m pretty feisty and fun to hang out with.” -April Ludgate

“People think I’m a little bit crazy sometimes because of who my parents are and because of my name, but it’s kind of normal for me now.” – April Ludgate

“I think it would be really awesome to have a talking cat!” -April Ludgate

“I don’t know that I have a special ability. I haven’t done anything super amazing that anyone could say about me.” -April Ludgate

“I wish I could sing better! I would love to sing in the shower or something.” -April Ludgate

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