150 + Famous Ben Shapiro Quotes

Who is Ben Shapiro?

Ben Shapiro was born in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. His father was a Hollywood director, and his mother was a screenwriter. He graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 2002.

He studied Political Science and Economics at UCLA but dropped out before graduating to pursue a career in journalism. In 2004, he was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Wire, an online publication covering culture, politics, and current events.

Shapiro has since written 7 books, including

  1. Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth (2004),
  2. Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV (2011)
  3. The People vs. Barack Obama

Ben Shapiro is a conservative American political commentator. Shapiro is also a columnist for Creators Syndicate, The Daily Wire, and National Review. He is the youngest person to hold the title of Senior Editor-at-Large for Breitbart News, where he remains a columnist.

His most recent work is a series of humorous and edgy political books called The New York Times Best Seller: Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth.

His quick rise in popularity, especially in the last 8 years, has made him one of the most well-known conservative voices in the media landscape. He is an evening host on the nation’s most popular radio show, The Ben Shapiro Show.

What are your favorite Ben Shapiro quotes of all time?

Here are Famous quotes by Ben Shapiro.

Famous Ben Shapiro Quotes

Voluntary exchange is more moral than forced redistribution. – Ben Shapiro

Too many Americans now believe that the checks they receive every month from the unemployment office – like the checks they get from the welfare office, from Medicare, from Social Security – are inalienable rights. They are not. – Ben Shapiro

If you want to live in a country that respects your rights, you need to be prepared to fight for them. – Ben Shapiro

An economically free people is a weak people: they’ve got nothing to lose. – Ben Shapiro

We should understand that civic virtue is the enemy of leftism. Right-wing Jews have a duty to support the Israel Defense Forces and we should be ready to defend ourselves with force in the name of liberty – Ben Shapiro

Conspiracy theorists, in their fevered imaginations, are prone to ascribe to Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent a sinister role in American history. But this newspaper was merely a newspaper, a product of its time just like every other newspaper of the time. – Ben Shapiro

The left, in its virulent strain of anti-Americanism, hates America first and foremost for being America. That’s why the left always sides with America’s enemies. It was anti-American leftists who allied with Islamic fundamentalists against the American military during the Soviet-Afghan war. – Ben Shapiro

The minimum wage is a job killer — and if you believe in freedom, it should be a crime. – Ben Shapiro

The era of Republican Rome saw the emergence of a culture that was vulgar, amoral, and violent. One Roman emperor was murdered by his son; another died under mysterious circumstances while in bed with a male lover. It was in this atmosphere that Christianity began to flourish — Ben Shapiro

Abortion is not merely murder, but mass murder: the wholesale slaughter of millions of lives whose only crime is being inconvenient to their murderers. – Ben Shapiro

It’s time to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, but that’s not a job killer. It is, however, a moral abomination – Ben Shapiro

A government that seizes children in order to feed them to the poor also confiscates their education. – Ben Shapiro

The left might try using patriotism as a bludgeon against conservatives, but we should see through it.” – Ben Shapiro

To paraphrase Orwell, “Somewhere in the world, there is always a Democrat being tortured by his own government.” – Ben Shapiro

Progressive politicians are often willing to upend tradition for the sake of equality — except when it comes to marriage. In 2015, conservatives should push back against left-wing euphemisms such as “gay marriage” or “marriage equality.” After all, polygamy, polyandry, and incest aren’t suddenly going to become synonymous with traditional marriage if we adopt progressive lingo. – Ben Shapiro

There is nothing that the mainstream media likes more than the opportunity to pretend they have a conscience. – Ben Shapiro

Those who insist on defining marriage as between one man and one woman aren’t bigots – they’re just upholding a millennia-old legal tradition in Western Civilization. Whether you like it or not, marriage has long meant “one man and one woman” (and until July 26, 2015, the dictionary agreed). – Ben Shapiro

There is no such thing as a “white Hispanic” any more than there is a “black Hispanic.” There are, however, such things as African-Americans and Hispanics, distinct peoples with their own cultures. – Ben Shapiro

No one cares about your feelings when you’re wrong. – Ben Shapiro

I don’t know why in the world the media thinks it will get in trouble for lying when everyone already knows that it lies on a regular basis. – Ben Shapiro

Whatever you think of Mallory, he’s right about one thing: In the United States, progressives shouldn’t talk about “diversity.” Tradition and history matter in the same way that they matter to anyone, or do they? – Ben Shapiro

Progressive hypocrisy is a sign of weakness: a feeling that it’s not safe to take an unpopular stand on something because the other side will exploit it. – Ben Shapiro

The first duty of government is to protect the rights of its citizens. The second duty of government is to ensure that its citizens are not deprived of their rights. – Ben Shapiro

It’s a major selling point for the left that it values all sorts of people’s feelings so much. That’s why liberals always side with leftists who want to be murdered — they value their feelings too much. – Ben Shapiro

In modern politics, a large segment of the electorate is comprised of people who are more interested in what they feel than what’s true. – Ben Shapiro

There is no such thing as “hate speech.” Speech isn’t violent, and only violence should be prohibited. – Ben Shapiro

I’m skeptical that consenting adults should be allowed to engage in whatever sexual behavior they like, but I am absolutely certain that adults should not have sex with children – Ben Shapiro

The right to dissent is far more important than the right to be universally and instantly respected. – Ben Shapiro

The greatest threat to democracy is not Ralph Nader, global warming, or President George W. Bush. It’s the fact that most Americans don’t care enough about their country to vote, which means they also don’t care enough to fight for it when it needs defending. – Ben Shapiro

Progressives are myopic because they think that every issue is about them. In truth, the left has preferences about how the world should function, and progressives have set out on a course to ruin it. – Ben Shapiro

There are a lot of people who would like to shut down speech they don’t like, but few people actually want to shut down speech that flatters their fragile egos and feeds their self-esteem. – Ben Shapiro

Social justice warriors are not “snowflakes” for the way they react to speech they don’t like. They’re violent, obnoxious bullies who think that their sense of entitlement entitles them to dictate other people’s thoughts and actions. – Ben Shapiro

In a free society, the worst thing a person can do is be intolerant of intolerant people. – Ben Shapiro

When leftists say “diversity,” what they really mean is “inclusion. ” – Ben Shapiro.

There are many reasons to oppose gay marriage, but there’s the only one that’s truly legitimate: it’s not the state’s place to define what marriage is. – Ben Shapiro

When someone says they’ve been “triggered,” what they really mean is that they’re such a weakling and such a wimp that people like me trigger them with the wrong kind of speech, and they’d rather run to a safe space than confront their own vulnerabilities. – Ben Shapiro

The trouble with “micro-aggressions” is that they are always subjective. – Ben Shapiro

The progressive movement has been the story of villains and fools. – Ben Shapiro

Women’s issues begin at home, not in Washington D.C. – Ben Shapiro

You can’t win a fight when you’re defining your opponent as evil or stupid because your opponent can say the exact same thing about you – Ben Shapiro

The reason why the right must fight against the left is because their ideas do violence to human nature. They suppress the good and elevate evil. – Ben Shapiro

The left argues that you and I are racists, bigots, sexists, and homophobes. They rarely argue that we’ve misunderstood sociological phenomena or have made questionable assumptions in our calculations of cost-benefit analysis. – Ben Shapiro

The fashionable idea on college campuses is to say that all white people are racist and all men are sexist… So why are they still around? – Ben Shapiro

There is nothing more important than the truth. And there is no idea, no philosophy, no ideology that is worth losing your life for. – Ben Shapiro

The left’s hysteria requires the right to become hysterical in self-defense.- Ben Shapiro

The left loves a good victim story… but what happens when you turn the story back on them? That’s when they lose their minds. – Ben Shapiro

I don’t like political labels because they make it harder to understand issues and debate them. – Ben Shapiro

It’s not racist to be concerned about discrimination. It’s not sexist to be concerned with female empowerment.- Ben Shapiro

Political correctness is the only ideology that makes no distinction between people who are against it and the ones who are for it.- Ben Shapiro

PC is what happens when you mix Nazi propaganda with fundamentalist Christianity… and then censor and restrict both.- Ben Shapiro

Feminism is sexist. The modern feminist movement has taken a ridiculously biased and one-sided position on all manner of issues… but the man-hatred and the obsession with female victimization are what gives feminism its unique character and makes it so obnoxious and dishonest.- Ben Shapiro

Feminism is essentially a cult whose central tenet is hatred of men.- Ben Shapiro

No matter what women do, they will never achieve the success of mediocre white men.- Ben Shapiro

No piece of art is worth a single human life. It’s not a question of whose art it is, or whether it’s good or bad, or whether my culture is better than your culture. – Ben Shapiro

We have no obligation to be tolerant of intolerance.- Ben Shapiro

There’s no such thing as a “white person” or a “black person.” This is not South Africa; we don’t determine race based on skin color – Ben Shapiro

It’s always about identity – Ben Shapiro

What we should be talking about is liberty, not identity. – Ben Shapiro

Political correctness is a disease that plagues our society, and it needs to be cured.- Ben Shapiro

A government that seizes children in order to feed them to the poor also confiscates their education.- Ben Shapiro

A progressive’s reluctance to draw distinctions between different types of minorities is a sign of weakness. – Ben Shapiro

When the left condemns a tragedy, it’s usually a tragedy on the right-wing.- Ben Shapiro

When there are multiple groups with different victimizations, it is impossible for anyone to be a victim… – Ben Shapiro

When the left is under attack, its default response will always be to paint its enemies as bigots.- Ben Shapiro

The biggest threat to free speech on college campuses today is the inability of students to listen when they hear something they don’t like. – Ben Shapiro

The way to stop feeling like the oppressed minority is to stop acting like one. – Ben Shapiro

We should only give the government power if we can trust the government not to abuse that power.- Ben Shapiro

If there’s no freedom of speech, there are no other rights.- Ben Shapiro

If people are whining about being oppressed and ignored, they’re not oppressed and ignored. They’re the oppressors.- Ben Shapiro

If we have a problem with women getting equal pay, that is a problem with men who are taking advantage of them – Ben Shapiro

When you describe an entire group as “oppressed,” you make it easier for them to do that to you – Ben Shapiro

The oppression and racism of the past was so bad that you could hardly breathe without interference. And yet today, the most dangerous thing you can say is that people aren’t being treated equally. – Ben Shapiro

When we talk about “racism,” what we mean is that white people have their own culture, history, and aspirations – Ben Shapiro

When you see someone with their hat off in public, they’re not making a statement – they’re performing a social ritual – Ben Shapiro

The left’s idea of racism is that you could either be black or white. The far more honest definition, to a progressive, is that you could be anything except black. – Ben Shapiro

To a progressive, the question of whether whites are being treated equally is pointless because they aren’t black.- Ben Shapiro

Leftists view the world in zero-sum terms, and all gains at the expense of others are seen as losses to them. – Ben Shapiro

The reason why the left hates the National Review is because National Review is laying out all of the flaws in its ideology, and it’s not at all afraid to do that.- Ben Shapiro

The left has a broad view of what it means to be a loser but very narrow views of what it means to be a winner – Ben Shapiro

Leftists are always projecting their own shortcomings onto others and denouncing people who do the same.- Ben Shapiro

The left will always be inhumane, but the humane thing for them to do is lay off – Ben Shapiro

Progressives view everyone as a potential victim even when that person is a saint – Ben Shapiro

The left’s belief that everyone is entitled to the same respect, dignity, and consideration and everyone should be treated equally isn’t just morally outrageous; it’s impossible to carry out because there are no such things as equality.–Ben Shapiro

The left is always willing to fight for the equality of all people except women. – Ben Shapiro

“Racism is evil” is the equivalent of declaring that “war” is good.- Ben Shapiro

The left only believes in inequality if it’s between the same kind of people. If there are different kinds, they don’t believe in equality at all.- Ben Shapiro

It’s often said that progressivism is a religion, and this is why. It demands that you make all of your thoughts into moral judgments. – Ben Shapiro

The left has a monopoly on victimhood: it sees itself as the true victim of any criticism, no matter how logically or historically sound – Ben Shapiro.

The left’s inability to understand why anyone would think differently from them is in many ways a sign of their success. – Ben Shapiro

The left understands that the only way to control people is to make them fearful, and then they’ll do what you want.- Ben Shapiro

The left understands that the only way to control people is to make them fearful, and then they’ll do what you want.- Ben Shapiro

White privilege means having the right skin color in a racist world – Ben Shapiro.

The left wants power, and they want money – Ben Shapiro

The left is nihilistic and hedonistic, which is why they hate religion. – Ben Shapiro

Progressives are great at pretending to care about women, but they don’t care about the truth.- Ben Shapiro

Progressivism rewards mediocrity and punishes talent.- Ben Shapiro

The progressive movement is a cult of personality where power and money are all that matters.- Ben Shapiro

You’ve got to believe in something…and the Left has an answer for everything: we’re all losers, so we should all get together and win again. – Ben Shapiro

The left is always demanding a war against something: white privilege, power structures, the patriarchy… – Ben Shapiro

The best way to achieve fairness is with justice, not with equality.- Ben Shapiro

When you turn everything into a grievance, you can’t understand the world.- Ben Shapiro

The left would rather see the whole world burn than turn against identity politics. – Ben Shapiro

The left has to force people to think that they’re part of a victim class in order to control them.- Ben Shapiro

In the world of the Left, everyone is defined by their race, gender, and skin color.- Ben Shapiro

The Left has demanded that we accept their ideology whether we want it or not.- Ben Shapiro

The Right takes issue with the Left’s promotion of moral relativism; the Left with the Right’s promotion of moral absolutes.

  1. The new “R-word” is racism. And it’s meant to shut down debate rather than explore differences. – Ben Shapiro

If you can only make moral judgments based on identity, you can never argue against racism.- Ben Shapiro

If someone says it’s not racist because of the dictionary…they’re being obtuse and trying to win a debate by discrediting their opponent.- Ben Shapiro

The Left has legitimized and facilitated every mob in American history.- Ben Shapiro

The Left doesn’t want to debate; it wants to shut down those who would. – Ben Shapiro

The Left is hypocritical and inconsistent on everything, but that’s the source of their power.- Ben Shapiro

The left believes in the right side of history because they want to believe that they will always be on the right side of history.- Ben Shapiro

Identity politics is like segregation in that it looks for reasons to divide people by race or gender rather than bring them together based on their common goals and interests. – Ben Shapiro

The end-state of the Left is that there are no individuals in the world. – Ben Shapiro

The left always attacks by categories because their only argument is that it’s unfair to attack people as individuals.- Ben Shapiro

The Left takes its analysis of society down to such a granular level that they lose any sense of perspective.- Ben Shapiro

If you see yourself as a victim because other people aren’t forced to be nice to you, then you are hurting yourself and society. – Ben Shapiro

If you’re talking about racial or gender oppression, you have to look at the whole society, not just what’s going on with your own group.- Ben Shapiro

The Right views the world as a zero-sum game: if I win, others lose; if you win, others lose.- Ben Shapiro

Progressivism is always demanding more government power and less individual freedom.- Ben Shapiro

The Left’s view of reality can be summed up as “there is no there there. ” It’s not a matter of whether or not your claims are true…it’s a matter of how you can use that fact to make arguments.- Ben Shapiro

Progressivism is based on the idea that it’s impossible for people to be happy, successful, or self-actualized without the state telling them how.- Ben Shapiro

Progressivism is built on the assumption that all people are fundamentally bad and that we need government force to intervene in society every time someone screws up.- Ben Shapiro

Progressivism is based on the idea that there is no such thing as good people. – Ben Shapiro

The Left uses the idea of “privilege” to punish people for their virtue.- Ben Shapiro

The Left’s idea of “respect” is that everyone should agree with them and never criticize them.- Ben Shapiro

If the left dislikes something, they must be bullies…not realizing that there are plenty of bullies on their side, too.- Ben Shapiro

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