Best Famous Legend of Zelda Quotes

About the Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is a popular action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for its NES video game console in 1986 and subsequently released on other consoles and computer systems in various forms.

A console port of the game was released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2002 and re-released for the Wii Virtual Console on May 2, 2009. A mobile game based on the original game was released on February 3, 2015.

The Legend of Zelda follows a young boy named Link who travels from his home in Hyrule to save Princess Zelda from Darkness, a villainous force that has been plaguing Hyrule for centuries.

Throughout his journey, Link meets up with a variety of characters who help him fight the villains and fulfill his quest.

The Legend of Zelda is a well-known and widely-praised game series that has become popular among gamers worldwide. Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise is arguably the most successful video game series in history, having sold over 100 million units as of 2012.

The series has been at the forefront of the video game industry since its release in 1986.

Best Famous Legend of Zelda Quotes

  1. “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!”
  2. “Hey! Listen! Do you hear something? I’m sure I heard something.”
  3. “What are you doing?! Don’t just stand there, you’ll get hurt!”
  4. “Tetra!! My name is Link!”
  5. “I’m gonna be rich!”
  6. “Believe it!”
  7. “If we’re gonna survive, we’ve gotta stick together.”
  8. “Listen up everyone! Are you all ready, then?”
  9. “Please! We have to escape from the Ganon’s dungeon!”
  10. “I knew it was a mistake to bring you here!”
  11. “Hey, look out for yourself first before you worry about me!”
  12. “Wouldn’t that be a coincidence?”
  13. “Good luck, my friend.”
  14. “Just try to get some rest.”
  15. “I don’t know how, but I can feel something drawing near.”
  16. “Okay, I guess it’s time to go, then.”
  17. “I’m not sure what I’m doing here. But I have to try.”
  18. “Link! Why haven’t you returned? Answer me!”
  19. “Let’s get out of here!”
  20. “These hands can do anything!”
  21. “That thief stole my wallet! Today he’ll pay for his crime!”
  22. “I was just thinking about you.”
  23. “I wonder if they’ll be okay…”
  24. “I can’t believe it! He’s still alive!”
  25. “What are we going to do about Tetra?”
  26. “Remember to refocus your energies.”
  27. “Link, you’ve come this far because you have a strong heart.”
  28. “The enemies are all over, but the Master Sword is silent…”
  29. “…So don’t give up!”
  30. “What will we do now…?”
  31. “It’s a secret to everybody.”
  32. “That was close! Too close…”
  33. “This is bad! They’re much stronger now!”
  34. “There’s no time! We’ve gotta hurry!”
  35. “Next time, this will be easier, right?”
  36. “…I’ll do my best to help you.”
  37. “We have a job to do!”
  38. “…But you can’t do that every time.”
  39. “…And that’s the most important thing.”
  40. “We need to restore peace to the world.”
  41. “Thank you! I owe you one!”
  42. “Maybe I’m just a forest fairy, but…oops!”
  43. “If you’re going someplace dangerous, take this!”
  44. “I lost my memory… The only thing I remember is my name…”
  45. “<Hero’s name>, what are you doing there?!”
  46. “…I’m going to keep going until I find it!”
  47. “I never should have doubted you.”
  48. “We must continue on our way.”
  49. “I want to go back to my village…”
  50. “…I want to go home…”
  51. “That was… strange…”
  52. “Hey, what’s that voice saying?”
  53. “Oh, Link, I was so worried about you…”
  54. “The wind is blowing harder as if it’s telling us something. I have a bad feeling about this…”
  55. “…Maybe we should head back to the ship.”
  56. “We’re almost there!”
  57. “I think there’s something buried here…”
  58. “Let’s go! Otherwise, we’ll end up like these guys!”
  59. “Zelda, I know you’re trying to help, but don’t get in the way!”
  60. “That guy looked so familiar… Who is he? Triforce of Courage, wake up! Please.

Princess Zelda quotes

  1. “Are you ready to put the sword back in its sheath?”
  2. “Link, that’s not fair!”
  3. “It’s that boy again.”
  4. “I’m never giving up hope”
  5. … Just a little more! This is the last one!
  6. “Act like an adult and talk like a child.”
  7. I see what you did there? Haha! *laughs*
  8. “Let’s bring peace back to this world.”
  9. “I’m not hasty!”
  10. “Why do you worry about my feelings?”
  11. “I’ll handle it,” (to herself)  kinda like she hasn’t already been doing that for a while now?
  12. “To think that this could be the last time I see him.”  Ooooooo…
  13. “There’s nothing more important than peace.”
  14. *Nods* “I’ve come to believe that as well.”
  15. “The spirit of the Triforce is mutual trust and friendship!”
  16. “Have faith!”
  17. “But you are a Kokiri, aren’t you?”
  18. “That’s what I like about you, Link!”
  19. *pouts* “…Link…”
  20. “I chose my path.” (Link and Zelda)
  21. “Link, let’s go.”
  22. “My life was changed by the old man who raised me.”
  23. “No matter how many times I see that painting, it makes me homesick for Hyrule Castle, even though I never lived there and have never been there in my life! That’s the way the painting makes me feel…!”
  24. “Oh, Link!”
  25. “You’re a nice person, Link.”
  26. “Link… Next time you have a dream, please tell me!”
  27. “You’re my hero!”
  28. “I don’t believe in good or bad luck.”  (“Oooh…” is what I muttered right after reading this one for the first time)
  29. “That’s not the way to go about it.”
  30. “His name is Link! I don’t know why everyone says he looks like that other boy in town!” (To Malon about her drawing of Link)
  31. “What does that mean?”
  32. “I’ve been trusting you for a while now.”
  33. “He’s alive.”  (Link) “Who?”
  34. “It’d be good to see you again, Link.”  (To Link)
  35. “I have only one friend.”
  36. “To see him again, I’d do anything!”
  37. “I’m sorry for the times I was mean to you.” (To Link)
  38. “…And see you again?”
  39. “Oh, Link! I’m so happy to see you!”
  40. “Then let’s go to Hyrule Castle!”
  41. “I refuse to give up… no matter what.” (To herself)
  42. “No… no, please don’t…” (Link and Zelda)
  43. “I don’t want to do that anymore.”
  44. “Again, I’m sorry for the times I was mean to you.” (To Link)
  45. “The time has come to end this war.” (To Link)
  46. “I’ve never been more scared in my life than I was during the battle with Ganon.”
  47. “I know he’s here! I can feel him, but I can’t see him!”  (Link)
  48. “The wind is gone!”  (Link and Malon, first lines of the game)
  49. “A-are you saying he’s alive?!”
  50. *Laughs* “Haha… I really am.”
  51. “Link, do you think everyone gets a second chance?” (Link)  “Yeah, I do.” (Zelda)  …What?!
  52. “The time has come… now, Link! Take me to the castle!” (To Link)
  53. “I was just thinking about how much we’ve been through together.” (To herself about Link)
  54. “Hey… s-someone’s coming!”
  55. “I understand…”
  56. “That’s not what happened! Link, you’re confusing her!”
  57. “Link…please!”
  58. *Stares* “…L-Link…”
  59. “He can’t defeat Ganondorf like that!” (Talking to herself about how Link is hurt)
  60. “I’ll face my destiny.” (Refusing to go back into the castle)   (The fact that she has to do this all by herself really gets me…)

Best Zelda Quotes

  1. “The Triforce… [lies] in the Sacred Realm. If it senses evil, it will try to eliminate it.”
  2. “You are not ready”
  3. “Now show me your change”
  4. “This way!”
  5. “I wonder if what we’re seeing is real?
  6. “I’m not sure I like this sound at all.”
  7. ” This proves I do care…
  8. “What we’ve done is wrong.”
  9. “It was the right thing to do.”
  10. “Yours isn’t the only path to the truth…
  11. “So many years of training, and you still couldn’t figure it out?”
  12. To Shadow: “This is what its like to be me, but without the power”
  13. To herself: “Why? Why did he have to come here???”
  14. “No… don’t leave….”
  15. Running from the darkness
  16. In response to Ganondorf’s question: “The same thing that saved me, destroyed you.”
  17. “… with the Triforce of Wisdom.”
  18. To herself: “I was right.. I can never get what I want, something so simple, so pure I can never have it.”
  19. “Zelda…I’m sorry.”
  20. “Princess Zelda…Understood?”
  21. “Well… I guess I should get ready.”
  22. “Perhaps you’re right”
  23. “I’ve got to take care of this alone”
  24. “It’s nice to meet you, Link”
  25. “What happened at the Temple of Time?”
  26. To Zelda: “Did you see anything unusual there?”
  27. “… Impa, hurry!”
  28. “”At least know that I’m safe…””
  29. At the Gerudo Valley: “”Link…I’m glad you’re safe…””
  30. To Zelda: “I was surprised to see you without a guard.”  Zelda: “Mother, Impa and the guards went to look for you. I…wanted to wait here so something wouldn’t happen to me.”
  31. To Impa: “It’s all right, Impa.”
  32. “The seal will hold, Link…as long as Sari is alive.”
  33. “Link, I’m going to open the gate to the valley.”
  34. To Link: “I’ll be fine.”
  35. “I remember this song…”
  36. “Zelda…I want you to listen…I want you to know that I…”
  37. “Link…It’s time…to talk about the future of Hyrule.”
  38. “If I could do it all over again, then maybe…”
  39. “Until I met you, I was lost in the darkness of the Sacred Realm.”
  40. “The last thing I remember…”
  41. “Nayru’s love… is kind…and true.”  (Referring to Zelda)
  42. “I’ll protect this world…”
  43. “I’m sorry…Link…I’m sorry”
  44. “Zelda, I’ve kept you waiting…”  “Forgive me.”
  45. “I don’t think that’s true at all…”
  46. “Link…Do not be sad…”
  47. “What is this feeling…?”  (Refering to Triforce)
  48. “Because of you, I have memories of my childhood.”
  49. “It is the heart which leads us…”
  50. “I was born to be your princess…”
  51. “The way you look at me…makes me want to be free…”
  52. “The Triforce, it chose you…instead of me.”  (Referring to Zelda)
  53. “It’s so strange, something like this happening…”
  54. “You’re not changing her, are you? That would defeat the purpose of her magic, wouldn’t it?”
  55. “A beautiful voice…Who could it belong to?”
  56. “I’m glad we’re safe.”
  57. “I feel like I’ve been here before…a long time ago.”
  58. “When I look into your eyes, Link…I feel as if I know you…”
  59. “Link…don’t ever do that again! You scared me, and it’s not good to make a lady wait!”

Best Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Quotes

  1. “I’m leaving. I can’t do this anymore.”
  2. “You promised, Harvey.”
  3. “I know. I just… can’t.”
  4. “This is what a witch looks like.”
  5. “Mrs Wardwell!”
  6. “I won’t say I’m sorry.”
  7. “It is a monument to human possibilities.”
  8. “You’re not a demon. You’re just unhappy.”
  9. “Oopsie, wrong sister.”
  10. “It’s… it’s me again…”
  11. “You have got to be kidding me!”
  12. “…find the coolest person in the room…”
  13. “I’m not going to do this anymore.”
  14. “Take care of her, Nick.”
  15. “I’ve never been more ready for anything.”
  16. “I’m a witch, and I am not evil.”
  17. “Do you want to buy a pamphlet?”
  18. “The Gates of Hell will open on Halloween night.”
  19. “…if you give a mouse a cookie.”
  20. “What do you think?”
  21. “I’m glad we can be friends again.”
  22. “You’re not going to believe this, but I think I just made a friend.”
  23. “…may the Lord or Satan have mercy on your soul.”
  24. “It’s called being polite, and it’s good for you!”
  25. “It’s all about monsters, isn’t it?”
  26. “You’ll never get away with this!”
  27. “A witch was just standing in my room.”
  28. “There’s only one thing I’m afraid of.”
  29. “I can’t feel my hair.”
  30. “You’re not a good witch, and you know it!”
  31. “Do you get that a lot?”
  32. “…so much for the ‘Wolverine’ life.”
  33. “…so many demons, so little time.”
  34. “We’ve got a serious problem.”
  35. “So, you’ll be coming back to the Academy soon?”
  36. “…and that’s how I became head cheerleader.”
  37. “I’ve had enough of your negative energy!”
  38. “The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.”
  39. “…and then I was like, ‘Cool!'”
  40. “I’m, like, not a witch.”
  41. “My mother’s here to see you.”
  42. “Save it for the witches.”
  43. “Oh, yeah? What about me?”
  44. “I’m at a piano recital… who wants to come knock on my door?”
  45. “I thought I could be friends with you.”

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