Best Inspirational Dean Graziosi Quotes

“A success mentality teaches not to waste energy on things that you can’t change.”- Dean Graziosi

“Be more impressed with the height of your passion and enthusiasm than the depth of your knowledge.”-Dean Graziosi

“You cannot achieve financial freedom without first achieving emotional freedom.”-Dean Graziosi

“Success is nothing more than a single step in the right direction.”- Dean Graziosi

“Your first thought doesn’t count… If you don’t listen to your first thought, your second thought will take over and it will be the decision that you’ll make.”- Dean Graziosi

Happiness leads to success, not the other way around.- Dean Graziosi

“You always need to remember that life is not about you, it’s about the people in your life.”- Dean Graziosi

“It’s been said that the definition of a good leader is someone who takes a little more than his or her share of the blame and a little less than his or her share of the credit.” -Dean Graziosi

“Health is wealth… and happiness.” -Dean Graziosi

We all have the bad wolf, or the villain, as I call it, living inside of us, but we also have this hero just waiting to be released.- Dean Graziosi

“When you don’t plan, you often get what you don’t want.” – Dean Graziosi

“You can only go as fast as the slowest member of the group.”- Dean Graziosi

If we focus on what is working, that’s just a great, great gift, and it’s available to us right now. -Dean Graziosi

“Be content with what you have and be rich in inner satisfaction.” – Ecclesiastes 12:14 (King James Bible)- Dean Graziosi

“The moment you can’t say something nice about someone, you should probably let go.” -Dean Graziosi

“The only person who can guarantee the health of your business is you.”- Dean Graziosi

“Old age isn’t a place… it’s a process.”- Dean Graziosi

“The time is now! The place is here! And the way to do it is YOU!” -Dean Graziosi

“Don’t wait for the ‘right moment,’ there’s always going to be a good reason not to make the changes you really want.”- Dean Graziosi

“You can never have too much prosperity, too much abundance, or too much success, but you can have too little freedom and control over your own life.” – Dean Graziosi

“Success has nothing to do with the amount of money you have, but everything to do with the amount of freedom you enjoy.” – Dean Graziosi

“It’s impossible to teach successful people how to be successful.”- Dean Graziosi

“Success doesn’t mean going faster or higher, it means generating more satisfaction and happiness for yourself and those around you.” – Dean Graziosi

“Happiness is the most important thing that you can attain in life. Freedom is the key to happiness and if you don’t have freedom you’ll never be truly happy.”- Dean Graziosi

“Successful leaders… don’t just lead themselves, they inspire others to become successful. If you think of yourself as a leader, you will bring out the best in people.” – Dean Graziosi

“Good leaders inspire others to take action. Successful leaders inspire others to change.”- Dean Graziosi

“Success has nothing to do with money, it’s all about the money you give away” – Dean Graziosi

“If you are capable of a great deal, don’t be satisfied with mediocrity.” – Dean Graziosi

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” -Dean Graziosi

“Everyone says that success means different things to different people, it’s true. However, I have found that success is a result of creating your own definition of success.” – Dean Graziosi

“Just like there’s a positive thought and a negative thought, there’s also a ‘successful thought’ and a ‘loser thought’.”-Dean Graziosi

“Don’t let your fears choose your future.” – Dean Graziosi

“Life for most people is like a huge, complex treasure hunt. Successful people are the ones who find the treasure.”- Dean Graziosi

“People who stop learning are dead, they just don’t know it yet.” -Dean Graziosi

“You can go from being poor to being rich by becoming rich at giving.” -Dean Graziosi

“Success doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t get to a certain age, get a new job and then suddenly you are successful.” – Dean Graziosi

“The secret of success is knowing how to control your mind and the way you think.” – Dean Graziosi

“Your happiness is in your own hands. So are the ups and downs of life. You have the power to make your life as happy and successful as you want.” – Dean Graziosi

“If you go out there and play the game of life, it will break your heart ten times before it will make you feel alive.” -Dean Graziosi

The key to success is found in what we do on a daily basis.” – Dean Graziosi

“Most people never reach their full potential because they are spending too much time thinking about themselves instead of other people. This is the main reason why most people are never truly successful.” – Dean Graziosi

“Nothing in life is free. Success is a result of you getting out of bed every morning and doing something instead of nothing.” -Dean Graziosi

“The key to success is discipline, it’s not about willpower or intelligence, it’s about discipline.” – Dean Graziosi

“Great leaders inspire their people to dream and believe so strongly that what they’re doing can change the world. They are able to inspire their people to believe in themselves and their dreams.” – Dean Graziosi

“You can have all the answers if you’re willing to ask all the right questions.” –Dean Graziosi

“I’ve learned that leadership is about serving others and being selfless in order for them to be selfless in return.” – Dean Graziosi

“If you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. You’ve got to trust in yourself and in the kindness of life.” -Dean Graziosi

“The real leaders are the ones who have vision and see the results ahead of time. They want more, they want to change more, they want to grow and be successful.” – Dean Graziosi

“Life will never go as planned, you have to be prepared for anything in this life. Don’t dwell on the past or worry about tomorrow because those things aren’t going anywhere. If you’re using your time wisely, then everything is going to work out.” – Dean Graziosi

“If you want to be inspired, study great people. If you want to be successful, look up to great people. Just do what they did and never forget them.” – Dean Graziosi

“The best way to think about life is that we have a lot of choices, but get the right attitude and all of the time in the world will open up for you. Stay positive and keep moving forward.” – Dean Graziosi

“So many people want an easier and better life but don’t want to do what it takes. They want to oversleep, over eat and overspend because they think that’s the path to freedom, but that’s not true freedom; that’s bondage.” – Dean Graziosi

“If you have the same daily habits as everyone else in your area, then you’ll get the same results as your neighbor. You must do something different to be successful.” – Dean Graziosi

“If you want to have the most valuable asset of all, then you need to recognize the power of your thoughts and ideas and realize that they are turning into either wins or losses in your life.” – Dean Graziosi

“The reason why most people are not successful is because they chase quick money rather than building something that can last.” – Dean Graziosi

“Just because the other guy is in your way and you’re behind him doesn’t mean that he’s in your way. It just means you’re behind the guy.” – Dean Graziosi

“It has been said that if you are not the master of your own mind, then someone else will be.” – Dean Graziosi

“The reason why most people are not successful is because they do not take action or because they do not believe in themselves enough to take action. When you believe in yourself, you can do anything.” – Dean Graziosi

“The secret of success is doing your best, doing what’s right and then letting go.” – Dean Graziosi

“Most people say that they want to be successful but they hesitate to take action.” – Dean Graziosi

“Successful people don’t get depressed, they recede. They know the future is going to be just as wonderful as their past.” – Dean Graziosi

“Every time you think something negative about yourself, you put a block on your progress.” -Dean Graziosi

“When you change your thinking, that’s when you start creating the type of future that you want.”- Dean Graziosi

Successful people have a plan.” – Dean Graziosi

“We are all given the same number of hours in each day. Successful people are the ones who use them wisely.” -Dean Graziosi

“It’s part of our human nature to see what’s wrong with the world but it takes a special type of person to look at everything and focus on what’s right.” – Dean Graziosi

“Successful people live a purposeful life.” – Dean Graziosi

“If you want to be successful and seize control of your life, then you must first learn how to manage yourself.” – Dean Graziosi

“The key to success is doing what you love, knowing that you are living your purpose and then continuously producing results that are important to you.” – Dean Graziosi

“If you’re not willing to work hard for what you want in life, then you might as well give up now because it’s not going to happen for you.” – Dean Graziosi

“Most people think that they will be successful if they put the right idea into action. Instead of thinking that the idea will come first, successful people know that the right idea will come when they are ready.” – Dean Graziosi

“There are only two types of people in this world: winners and losers.

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