300+ Best Naruto Uzumaki Quotes | Funny, Sad & Pain Quotes

Who is Naruto?

Naruto is a fictional ninja created by Masashi Kishimoto. He’s a protagonist of the Naruto manga and anime series. Naruto is presented as an adolescent male ninja who’s moody, mischievous, energetic, and unpredictable.

He has blond hair which is also spiky in the front, blue eyes, and has a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on his head.

Naruto Uzumaki is the protagonist of the Naruto series and son of the Fourth Hokage. Naruto was born the day of an attack on the village that resulted in his father’s death.

From a young age, Naruto knew the Fourth Hokage’s face because of how the villagers would always look at him with disdain or hatred on his face.

This made Naruto want to become a Hokage and wipe those expressions from their faces. Shortly after turning twelve, Naruto discovered he had the Nine-Tails’ chakra sealed within him.

The traitor, Orochimaru, is responsible for this as a result of his experiments to find someone strong enough to help him kill his master, the Sandaime Kazekage.

Best Naruto Uzumaki Quotes

  1. “Before I became a ninja, I was a nobody, but I never gave up.” -Naruto
  2. “Weren’t you always told that the best way to get stronger is to train harder when you get tired?” -Naruto
  3. “If there’s a tomorrow, I’ll be here for it. You can count on me. But if today is my last, then no regrets, all of the people I meet through this journey deserve to hear what I have to say.” -Naruto
  4. “Once you surpass your limits you can walk the skies anywhere.” -Naruto
  5. “When you don’t know the answer, go find out! That’s the ninja way!” -Naruto
  6. “I have power of the Hachibi inside me. As long as I keep at it, I will become strong.” -Naruto
  7. “I want to get stronger than Dad… I want to become stronger than the strongest…!” -Naruto
  8. “I don’t know everything, but I know how to make friends and how to make them laugh. And because of that, right now is the best time of my life! Thanks Dad!” -Naruto
  9. “I’ll never forget what it’s like to be alone.” -Naruto
  10. “Kakashi, I want you to train me so that I can surpass you!” -Naruto
  11. “To reach the same height as the Hokage, you need to become a special ninja! ( ホッキー忍法(ホッキーニュース) )” -Naruto
  12. “I know I’m not like them, so I want to help everyone.” -Naruto
  13. “There are those who try and there are those who simply do things. If you want it bad enough, then you can get it!” -Naruto
  14. “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will! Believe in the power of the ninja way!! Believe!! Believe!!!” -Naruto
  15. “Don’t be lazy, if you have the power to change the world, then go and do it!” -Naruto
  16. “I don’t know where I come from, but that doesn’t matter. Because I am here now…I can become a ninja.” -Naruto
  17. “You can become stronger not just by training, but by believing in yourself!!” -Naruto
  18. “The truth is, I don’t believe a ninja lives a normal life. They have to go out and get hurt and suffer from pains in their hearts. They have to grow strong. I don’t know what’s out there, so I can only fight with all my strength!” -Naruto
  19. “I’ll always be here, right next to you…” -Naruto
  20. “It’s because we’re friends that I’ve been able to get this far, and it helps me think positively when I’m hard at work on a mission.” -Naruto
  21. “You’re not like anyone else!” -Naruto
  22. “I want to become a ninja who gathers information, and fight with my comrades!” -Naruto
  23. “Disappear and reappear suddenly… That is the art of the ninja!!” -Naruto
  24. “I love you. I believe that we can protect this village together.” -Naruto
  25. “I’ve seen it- the future of shinobi!” -Naruto
  26. “You’ve got to keep ongoing. If you don’t keep on moving, you just end up stopping! You have to keep moving forward!!!” -Naruto
  27. “The greatest thing about being a ninja is that no one can see you sweat. Only strength and endurance are visible.

Best Naruto Sad & Pain Quotes

  1. “I’m just a man dressed up as a demon.”
  2. “I don’t know what will become of me, but I’ll always be with you in my heart.”
  3. “The thing that’s most annoying is when people tell me not to be too sad or worried.”
  4. “As long as you’re here, I can’t lose!”
  5. “To me, they’re all my precious children.”
  6. “This body has only two hands… But your hands always come to support me. Thank you.”
  7. “This pain is all I have… But, if it’s you, I can somehow overcome this pain.”
  8. “This world seems so cruel… But there’s at least one person in it who loves me.”
  9. “This world seems so cruel… But there’s at least one person in it who loves me.”
  10. “I hate this loneliness… Even though I’m by myself…”
  11. “Oh, Naruto-kun…”
  12. “I understand… I’ll go with you.”
  13. “It hurts so much… But you were always there.”
  14. “Even if the pain is unbearable, get up and keep living!”
  15. “I’m sure my mom liked you a lot, even though she didn’t show it at times.”
  16. “You’re my best friend since we were little! You gave me strength when I was weak!” (to Naruto)
  17. “I won’t give up. Maybe… I’ll be able to hold on.”
  18. “I can’t get my mind off of the fact that Ino’s out there! It hurts so much.”
  19. “I knew you would understand, Naruto-kun!”
  20. “Naruto-kun… You’re the only person who can protect me.”
  21. “It is painful… But I will live with this pain forever!”
  22. “Everything hurts… So much that I’m about to cry… But I won’t give up, Naruto-kun!”
  23. “I don’t want to be alone anymore.”
  24. “Hold me… Please protect me forever.”
  25. “Until the very end… I will follow you anywhere you go.”
  26. “No matter how painful it is, I will just keep living. In your heart, I’ll always be happy.”
  27. “Naruto-kun… I want to be with you forever.”
  28. “I’ll do anything to protect everyone!”
  29. “Hey, this is our promised promise! I don’t know what’s going on anymore!”
  30. “I was so scared… But I could feel your strength… You’re always there for me.”
  31. “We’re not alone, Naruto-kun! We’re together now! I’m so glad.”
  32. “I knew that you would come and save me…”
  33. “I wanted to be together with you forever. That’s why I never gave up.”
  34. “This is the first time I’ve ever been this happy since we were little.”
  35. “I thought you weren’t going to come… I really was sad.”
  36. “Naruto-kun, thank you so much!”
  37. “Where are you, Naruto? Are you here?” (to herself)
  38. “Naruto-kun! You saved me!”

Naruto Friendship Quotes

  1. “You are a true friend. You stick by me in the good times and bad.”
  2. “You’re always smiling when I’m around.”
  3. “I don’t know why, but you really make things fun to be around.”
  4. “Don’t worry about your future, just live for today!”
  5. “It’s thanks to you that I’ve been able to overcome my fear of fighting and stand up for myself.”
  6. “I know the world looks different with or without me in it, but I want to be your friend.”
  7. “This is the person who can understand me no matter what I say. Thanks for always being here for me.”
  8. “I’m not stupid enough to forget about you!”
  9. “You’re the only one who’s never made fun of me.”
  10. “You’ve always been so strong and determined that I know you’ll never give up on yourself and reach your dreams.”
  11. “You’re a really good friend. Thanks for always being by my side.”
  12. “I think you’re hard on yourself because you’re so focused on achieving your dreams.”
  13. “I know I can never make up for past mistakes, but I will try my best so that I can still be useful to you.”
  14. “You’re always dependable and reliable, even when it’s hard for me to trust people.”
  15. “I will never forget the time we’ve spent together.”
  16. “Don’t look back, we’ve just begun.”
  17. “I’m not saying I’m special, but I can be a true friend to you.”
  18. “To be honest, I don’t know why you like me so much. But even though we hang out all the time, you somehow make me feel wanted and needed. I think that’s why I like you so much.”
  19. “You’ve always been there for me, and I’m so grateful that you never give up on me.”
  20. “I’m here because I want to be. But it’s not like anyone can force me to stay.”
  21. “Good friends are hard to come by but when you find one, it’s worth every sacrifice.”
  22. “We may not always understand each other, but we still trust each other and know that we have each other’s backs whenever something happens.”

Naruto Inspirational Quotes

  1. “The only ones who should fight are those who hope to surpass one another.”
  2. “I don’t know if I can keep going any longer, but I have to force myself to keep trying!”
  3. “The most important thing is not about winning or losing. It’s about keeping up your spirit!”
  4. “You have two choices: be a good loser or be a good winner.”
  5. “When we’re desperate, we always do what’s hardest. That’s the only trade we can make with our future.”
  6. “Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I’m not good enough.”
  7. “Believe in yourself! Believe in your dreams!”
  8. “I’m just too impatient to wait for the impossible!”
  9. “I want to be a ninja because it doesn’t feel like work.”
  10. “People exist just to be loved by me…”
  11. “We die out of love for each other.”
  12. “There is a whole world to protect!”/ “There are people who are alive right now, who want to be loved just as much as you do!”
  13. “The pain of being alone is worse than any wound!”
  14. “One second could mean the difference between life and death.”
  15. “There’s no reason to give up or lose your courage in the middle of a fight.”
  16. “Please tell me it’s going to be okay.”
  17. “I didn’t want to hurt them. I just wanted a little more time!”
  18. “You must forgive your enemies if you want to defeat them.”
  19. “Determination is the first step towards victory!”
  20. “A true ninja isn’t afraid of the dark!”
  21. “A good ninja learns from his failures and improves himself!”
  22. “It’s okay to cry sometimes…”
  23. “If you’re going to lose, do it like a man.”
  24. “I’ve got a lot of people counting on me.”
  25. “I’m so angry I can’t even see straight!”
  26. “Improve yourself with each failure.”
  27. “That’s the dream that’s worth fighting for”/ “You have to go after your dreams!”
  28. “I’ll never give up! That’s the spirit of a ninja!”
  29. “Whenever something goes wrong, I wonder what I could’ve done differently. When that happens, I think back to how far I’ve come and am filled with a sense of gratitude.”
  30. “If you’re going to lose…try and do it without losing your pride.”
  31. “You should always make the best out of each day.”

Naruto Shippuden Quotes

  1. “By the way, I love you.”
  2. “In your time of need, do not forget those who are there for you.”
  3. “Come now, let me get a close look at you!”
  4. “I’ll be here if you want me to beat some sense into him.”
  5. “No one can argue against the power that is natural like mine!”
  6. “You might be surprised to learn that I don’t put any stock in destiny.”
  7. “Take a look. Take a good look at what it means to stare death in the face.”
  8. “Naruto Uzumaki, you are my friend for life.”
  9. “You’ve been very busy lately, and I haven’t been able to keep up with you.”
  10. “Death is not an end… it’s the start of something new.”
  11. “That which should not be forgotten…”
  12. “I will never forget the rest of my life… for when that day comes, I’ll give it all up and remember you.”
  13. “What’s going through your mind, Naruto?”
  14. “You’ve accomplished your life’s goal.”
  15. “You can’t run forever, you know… I’m afraid that if we don’t meet again, someday you’ll be unable to move at all anymore.”
  16. “Just remember that all my regrets come from all the things I could have or should have done differently.”
  17. “I’m going to be the Hokage!”
  18. “Even if you fail, I will be there for you… together with everyone else.”
  19. “There’s something I want to say, right now… It’s about how much your kindness means to me…”
  20. “You may not realize it now, but one day… You’ll never forget this place.”
  21. “The way Kushina’s eyes sparkled when she was happy… I think that’s the same light you’re giving out, Naruto.”
  22. “It might be hard to believe, but I actually like working here.”
  23. “Running away can be just as easy as standing up and facing your fears.”
  24. “You can’t give up on your dreams just because they become harder to achieve.”
  25. “You’re stubborn, that’s true, but you’ll always be my prince.”
  26. “I hope you understood that the key to being happy with your friends is caring about them.”
  27. “It may not be your last birthday… but I want to make it a special one for you.”
  28. “I have so many memories from a long time ago…”
  29. “What I want to say is, I love you… but that fact is unchanging even if the words change.”
  30. “It’s not hard to become crazy… it’s staying crazy that’s the tricky part.”
  31. “A shinobi must be prepared for peace as well as war.”
  32. “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Funny Naruto Quotes

  1. Naruto: “I’m not a loser. I’m just happy when I don’t have to do anything!”
  2. Naruto: “When you’re born in the ninja world, you have a lot of conversations with yourself, and one of them is always ‘Will this work?'”
  3. Naruto: “Where does insanity come from? It comes from the heart.”
  4. Naruto: “I can’t die now! Who would provide all those replies?!”
  5. Naruto: “There’s a time and place for everything. If you really wanna be important, don’t get yourself involved with the world.”
  6. Naruto: “When I fought against Pain, I was scared out of my mind. But it turned out great because now I know what it means to feel pain.”
  7. Naruto: “He looked at me as if he had an idea of what was going on in my head. Then he smirked at me like this was all just a game.”
  8. 8 . Naruto: “He’s a smart guy. I can tell.”
  9. Naruto: “There’s no way I can lose to you, Kakashi-sensei!”
  10. Naruto: “Aww, come on! Why’d you have to go and ruin everything?! I was gonna win!”
  11. Naruto: “I don’t get it…! What does it mean? Do we have an understanding this time?”
  12. Naruto: “I’m not in the mood for jokes right now. I’m just gonna tell you straight up: Don’t underestimate me!”
  13. Naruto: “You look really cool and all, but you’re not scary at all! Do you know anything else but playing dead?”
  14. Naruto: “Yo! So, your name’s Gaara? That’s a pretty tough name to have.”
  15. Naruto: “It’s been a long time since we’ve fought together like this. That always makes it way more fun.”
  16. Naruto: “But still…I’m gonna win the Chunin exam.”
  17. Naruto: “And all my friends are there cheering for me! It’s gonna be a great day!”
  18. Naruto: “I actually think that’s pretty hilarious.”
  19. Naruto: “Don’t talk to me about luck, I’m the Nine-Tailed Fox.”
  20. Naruto: “You got me! You’re the Man with the Sharingan!”

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