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One Piece Quotes

Are you a fan of One Piece? If so, you’ll love this blog! Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to laugh at some funny quotes, we’ve got what you need with these 170+ pieces of quotes.

The One-Piece Quotes blog is a collection of sound bites and one-liners from both the anime series and manga. Most of them relate to the philosophy that drives the main character of the protagonist, Luffy.


Best-One Piece Quotes

  1. Everyone is welcome in this world, even if they are just one person.
  2. If you’re a man who looks dejected but you’ve just won a bet, please don’t complain so much!
  3. I’ll be your friend if you promise to keep your sword strapped down! – Zoro
  4. You said it right when asked how many pirates there are in the New World and wrong when it comes to pirates’ morale. – Sanji
  5. All my precious nakama are here. – Luffy
  6. You’ve got to be careful, you’re spilling the dumpling soup!
  7. When Devil Fruits started sprouting from a person’s body, that was when I first noticed I wasn’t in the same world as before.
  8. It doesn’t matter if the bird is small or big…as long as it can fly, right?
  9. You’re totally right about One Piece being on the Grand Line…
  10. If you want to ask something by yourself, go ask the king of all kings!
  11. No matter what happens, being alive is enough fun in its own way.
  12. As long as we’re with our friends, it doesn’t matter what or where we are! – Nami
  13. There are lots of places and things in this world that are dangerous, but they’re still very beautiful! – Usopp
  14. Even if we’re fighting, we can still enjoy ourselves with our friends. – Luffy
  15. I’d have to live in a world where my friends never change. – Sanji
  16. When things are tough, you can always count on a friend to stick up for you. – Luffy
  17. They say honesty is the best policy, but if you’re honest you might just get into trouble! – Usopp
  18. No matter how weak my body is, I’ll never give up! – Zoro
  19. You can’t judge a guy by the size of his nose.
  20. Even if you’re not a doctor, don’t sneeze at other people’s pain! – Sanji
  21. It hurts to laugh and it hurts to cry, but you gotta get one of those two done! – Sanji
  22. A swordsman must keep his word and follow through with his challenges! – Zoro
  23. I won’t run away, even if it means I have to fight for my life! – Zoro
  24. I don’t know what’s right or wrong. I don’t want to know! – Nami
  25. I care about my friends and my crew no matter what! – Luffy
  26. Don’t be scared, girl! – Zoro
  27. Once you start doing it, you gotta keep at it until the end! – Robin
  28. Strong people may win in a one on one battle, but the weak person will keep fighting even if they’re all beat up! – Robin
  29. ?Chopper? – Straw Hat Crew
  30. Even if we’re locked up, we’ll be able to do whatever we want as long as we’re together! – Nami
  31. I’m an open book, so whenever I meet someone new, I automatically get excited! – Usopp
  32. We are family, just like the birds on this island are the same! – Tashigi
  33. If you cheat in a game, you must be prepared for the consequences! – Sanji
  34. Whenever trouble is to be had, you can count on a friend to help you! – Zoro
  35. I won’t let anything happen to my friends or my crew! – Luffy
  36. We’re all men. There’s no reason we can’t do this together! – Straw Hat Crew
  37. ?Chopper, go and take a break for once! – Luffy
  38. ?Oh? That’s such an okay attitude… – Zoro
  39. I don’t know what’ll happen tomorrow, but it’ll probably be fun! – Zoro
  40. There’s no one who can stop a man with the spirit of adventure! – Luffy
  41. Gomu Gomu NO Stamp… This is the ultimate body blow! – Luffy
  42. Man or Child, Strong or Weak, None of those matters once you are out at sea! – Usopp
  43. What good is a treasure if I am alone? – Nami
  44. One Piece is everything! – Luffy

One Piece Quotes Luffy/ Luffy Quotes

  1. An adventure is only an adventure when it is new! – Luffy
  2. If you lose what you have, you will become sad… But if you give away what you have, you will be happy! – Luffy
  3. No matter how much stronger the enemy may be… I won’t give up as long as there’s still a chance for me to win! – Luffy
  4. It’s fine if everything disappears someday… As long as it can be reborn again someday! – Brook
  5. I’ll never be friends with any man who isn’t a pirate! – Luffy
  6. I am a pirate! And I will not let an enemy escape at any cost! – Monkey D. Luffy
  7. Life is cruelty, and the cruelest thing is to lose a fight you’ve already won… but that’s fine too, because it means you won’t be defeated in the future!! – Monkey D. Luffy
  8. I never want to be seen as someone who just gives up because I lost my hair! – Luffy
  9. The present is the place where you can find happiness, and the future is always there… so you should go out and enjoy them! – Luffy
  10. Well, I don’t want to be one of those guys who just give in after losing his hair! – Luffy
  11. I’m only a kid, so it’s fine for me to not have everything in order… I’ll put everything in order when I become an adult! – Luffy
  12. I’d rather be a kid who gives up and dies instead of a man who gives up before even beginning! – Luffy
  13. Aging is for wimps who can’t keep up with the trends. – Usopp
  14. That’s why the hunt is more fun than the catch! – Sanji
  15. Blending in with one’s surroundings is more important than being extraordinary… – Sanji
  16. I only want what I think will make me happy… – Nami
  17. We are friends, and we always find a way to keep our promise! – Chopper and Robin

One Piece Quotes Zoro

  1. Don’t worry about the little details, just go for it! – Zoro
  2. The decisive victory is always in the last minute! – Zoro
  3. It’s the goal that changes, not the method of achieving it! – Zoro
  4. You should never stop trying. – Zoro
  5. Today, I’ll show you how scary the world can be when you’re weak! – Zoro
  6. When it comes down to it, the guys who take action without hesitation are the ones that live! – Zoro
  7. Justice isn’t always fair. Sometimes it’s about who’s stronger. And only the strong survive! – Zoro

One Piece Quotes Usopp

  1. If the moment calls for it, you have to do whatever craziness comes to your mind! – Usopp
  2. Oh no!! I already wasted my one-liner… – Usopp
  3. This is the only place where we can smoke without being bothered! – Usopp
  4. The results of a good cup of coffee should be shocking! – Usopp
  5. I’m not a good liar… – Usopp
  6. Oh, about that… – Usopp
  7. Hey, man! You’re the one who’s looking for trouble! – Usopp
  8. I’ll be just a little late as usual… – Usopp

One Piece Quotes Sanji

  1. Tell me if you’ve seen anyone else with this straw hat. And promise not to get involved in my ‘there’s no way I could fall for a pretty face’ game… – Sanji
  2. I heard the sound of a woman’s tears falling. -Sanji
  3. That’s A Tradition From The Dinosaurs Age. -Sanji
  4. I Understand Starving People More Than Anyone-Sanji
  5. It’s my first time fighting for real like this. It was scary…but really fun! -Sanji
  6. I can’t keep myself from smiling when I’m with you. -Sanji
  7. Why don’t you just let me go with you? Your friends can’t make such great food as me! -Sanji
  8. This guy, I swear.. -Sanji
  9. I’m always a little nervous about eating in front of other people… -Sanji
  10. I’d Rather Be Fighting Than Eating! -Sanji
  11. I swear if you don’t make one for me, I’ll kill you! -Sanji
  12. Even though we’re only fighting, it doesn’t mean we can’t be friends! – Sanji
  13. Tell me if you’ve seen this straw hat anywhere.

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