123 (BEST) Funny Memorable Borderlands Psycho Quotes

Funny Memorable Borderlands Psycho Quotes

What is your favorite Psycho quote?

I can still taste her lovely sweat box! She fed me such tears of ecstasy! LIAR! I ripped out her bumpy tummy, and her hot screams were for ME! NO! Mommy bled for us both! She bled for us BOTH! – Borderlands

Another story to sing to the cages at home! – Borderlands

I’ll never stop, until they flop! — Borderlands

I need another head for my merry-go-round – YOURS IS PERFECT! – Borderlands

I can’t wait to take your picture! — Borderlands

Bring me a bucket, and I’ll show you a bucket! — Borderlands

I was born naked, and so were you. That’s the spirit! – Borderlands

I am a gentleman and a scholar! — Borderlands

Class is now in session! – Borderlands

I am not to be trifled with! — Borderlands

Do you know what happens to people who get in my way? — Oh, my… I do!– Borderlands

Ha ha! That’s hilarious! — Borderlands 2

I love the sssssound of children’s tearsssss!– Borderlands

I’m crazy!- Borderlands

I’m sorry, but we’re not accepting applications today!– Borderlands

I’m your teacher now! –Borderlands 2

Awww, you broke my heart! –Borderlands

Ohhh… that feels gooood…. –Borderlands

I am the prettiest princess in all the land.- Borderlands 2

You’re just jealous of my natural beauty.- Borderlands 2

You broke it!  You buy it!– Borderlands

Ooh… I like that name! –Borderlands 2

That’s a nice name – NICE! — Borderlands

Why fight the Horrible Hunger?– I know why!– Borderlands 2

I didn’t do it, sir, but if you can prove that I did… I will confess.–Borderlands

It’s so hard to find good help these days. – Borderlands

Let me do the thinking. You just do the dying.- Borderlands 2

I have a sign on my desk that says: ‘You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it sure helps!’- Borderlands

I can’t imagine what could go wrong.– Oh, I can!–Borderlands 2

I’m the new guy! –Borderlands

Oh, I’m sorry, did you want some help? — Borderlands

What’s the magic word? –Borderlands 2

What about my story time?– Borderlands

Well, excuuuuse me!– Borderlands 2

Okay, class… let’s start with Page One of our textbook.- Borderlands 2

Ooooooh… is this thing on?– Borderlands

Okay students! Listen up! –Borderlands 2

The secret is the sauce!– Borderlands

What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?– A carrot! –Borderlands

Ooh, I love games! – Borderlands 2

Come to me, my pasty cake!– Borderlands 2

Wait a second… why did you just climb on top of that boulder? — Ah! Good point… good point… I’ll be right back.- Borderlands

Well, this game is easy peasy lemon squeezy! –Borderlands 2

Ooh, I love this! – Borderlands

One of these things is not like the other– Aaaaaah! –Borderlands

The only things that scare me are monsters under my bed, and bad drivers!- Borderlands 2

Ohhh… and the way you step on my foot… — That hurt.- Borderlands 2

Shut up, little Billy! — At least I’m talking to you finally.- Borderlands 2

I do a lot of crazy things to people. I don’t have time to keep count– Borderlands 2

What’s that?– Oh, nothing! Just thinking out loud.– Borderlands 2

You know the worst part about being crazy?– The pain!–Borderlands 2

You’ve got mail!–Borderlands 2

“Yes, I am sane, and no, I’m not doing anything illegal.” –Borderlands 2

The secret to a long life is VOLUME! –Borderlands 2

I’m pretty sure I’m not crazy… –Borderlands 2

What do you mean, who’s this?– That is a very good question.–Borderlands 2

Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just looking for my dental floss! –Borderlands

Who’s laughing now?–Uhh… you are.– Borderlands

Aww, poor you! You got a boo-boo! –Borderlands 2

Get off of my face! — Borderlands 2

You know, some scientists say that the world is going to end in 2012.– Borderlands 2

My favorite color is blue, and my second favorite color is red! –Borderlands 2

You know what they say: save the best for last.– Borderlands 2

Ugh, I hate being your vault hunter. –Borderlands 2

Oh, I got a boo-boo!–Borderlands

It all goes back to my childhood.– Borderlands 2

Ohh… I loved this game! – Borderlands 2

I need to stop playing so many games! –Borderlands 2

The secret ingredient is LOVE!– Borderlands 2

Eat your vegetables, it’s good for you!– Borderlands 2

I’m just trying to find my sister– She’s a little girl, and… she has wings!

Here comes my big moment! –Borderlands 2

My life is like a box of chocolates: sometimes I get an innocent peanut butter cup, and other times I’m graced with the rare, bitter cherry.– Borderlands 2

You know… My heart skipped a beat! –Borderlands 2

All in a day’s work– Borderlands 2

Okay, I’ll buy that.–Borderlands 2

Oh, I want to be the very best!– Borderlands 2

You know what they say: “Nothing is certain but death and taxis!”– Borderlands

This is my new favorite hobby!–Borderlands 2

How could this have happened?–Borderlands 2

Oh, I got you! –Borderlands 2

Look! I found another one!– Borderlands 2

This stings a lot!–Borderlands 2

You know what they say about great minds: they like to party together!– Borderlands

Oh, I love you too!–Borderlands 2

You gotta admit: this is pretty funny.– Borderlands 2

I’ll go first!– Borderlands 2

Nope. Nope. Nope. I’m staying right here, buddy.– Borderlands 2

I’m just gambling!–Borderlands 2

Aaaaaugh!–Borderlands 2

I have such a bad feeling about this– Borderlands 2

My assassin is on his way!–Borderlands 2

Give me a sign!– Borderlands 2

No way!–Borderlands 2

Flavor me fancy, but you really put the pants in panting!- Borderlands

I think this place is trying to kill me!–Borderlands 2

Woooooow!– Borderlands

Aaaaaaugh!–Borderlands 2

Oh, wow! Look at all those guns! Those are some guns!–Borderlands 2

I’m a man on a mission–Borderlands 2

I’m not done with you yet! — Borderlands 2

Love me, hate me – It all tastes the same!- Borderlands 2

Ah, I see. You are a new kind of monster!- Borderlands 2

A very bad day to be a Claptrap–Borderlands 2

A little birdy told me the situation back there. Looks like things are getting a little sticky out there–Borderlands 2

What’s out here? A girl? No, probably not.–Borderlands 2

I’m gonna beat you to life!- Borderlands

I’m a Vault Hunter! A guy who – Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!–Borderlands 2

I love the smell of fear in the morning… wait, no I don’t – Borderlands 2

Ooooh, baby – Borderlands

Aaaaaugh!– Borderlands 2

You know what the secret to a long life is?– More brains!–Borderlands 2

Are you crazy?–Borderlands 2

I wonder if I plant you in the ground, if you’ll grow taller?- Borderlands 2

You’re in my way!– Borderlands 2

Let’s all go to the lobby! –Borderlands

You want some of me? Come and get it!– Borderlands 2

What did you just say?!– Borderlands 2

Oh, I want some more! –Borderlands 2

Ohhhhh, that’s gotta hurt!–Borderlands 2

Ohhh… that one hurt! –Borderlands 2

I made finger pizza just for you!–Borderlands 2

I made you a salad, outta worms!-–Borderlands 2

I’m… gonna choke and stroke your lifeless body!-–Borderlands 2

I’m gonna floss my teeth… with your face! –Borderlands 2

126 . What is she doing here? Oh, well… at least we know what to get her for her birthday!— Borderlands 2

What did you do with my sister?! –Borderlands 2

You made a little mistake! — Borderlands 2

You know what they say about great minds – They like to party together! –Borderlands 2

You want it, you got it!–Borderlands 2

I’m gonna make hammocks, from your eye lids!-–Borderlands 2

I plucked a hair from the head of a dying baby! Let me give it to you!-–Borderlands 2

I just Starbursted, but I don’t think it’s gonna grow back… –Borderlands 2

I’ll take you with me!– Borderlands

What’s the secret? — Borderlands 2

Oh my god! I just jumped to my death- – Oh, that’s terrible.- Borderlands

That’s weird… I’m not even in pain anymore.- – Wow, that’s great.- Borderlands 2

It’s inside me! IT’S INSIDE ME!- – Oh, no! I have to do it.- Borderlands 2

My eye is tired of sand… I feel a sharp pain in my eye- – How weird.- Borderlands 2

Psst, kitty cat! Come on out and play!- — Kitty cat! We need to go, we need to go now!- Borderlands 2

What’s that?–Oh, nothing much. Just some sticky electronics.- –Borderlands 2

It’s time for the meat puppet! -–Borderlands 2

This looks like a good place to settle down for a while- -Oh, I don’t know. It’s kind of drafty.- Borderlands 2

Boom! That was close! –Borderlands 2

I’ve never been knocked out before– Wait, let me try that again.– Borderlands 2

I’m just gonna go ahead and sleep right here -–Borderlands 2

It’s time for THREE pounds of flesh!-Borderlands 2

I don’t know where we’re going, but put your seat belt on!-Borderlands 2

Oh, no! Not the face… not the face.-Borderlands 2

What’s that?– All right, hold on one sec. I’m going to get a sandwich bag and fill it with water.- Borderlands 2

Aaaaaah!– Borderlands 2

Be my garden! My gestational soils!!–Borderlands 2

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