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About Charles H. Spurgeon Biography Facts

Charles Spurgeon, was a preacher, theologian, and author in the Anglican tradition who had a significant influence on Christian preaching during the 19th century.

He was also a well-known preacher, theologian, and author in the Anglican tradition who had a significant influence on Christian preaching during the 19th century.

Spurgeon’s sermons were known for their wit and creativity and he also published more than 30 volumes of his sermons and other works.

The most inspiring message he ever preached was “Jesus is All in All.” He also pioneered “morning chapel” at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

Spurgeon built a famous church from the ground up–the Metropolitan Tabernacle of London. He attracted crowds with his magnetic speaking, and his sermons were often printed in his periodical, The Treasury of David.

Charles Spurgeon was a preacher who was also known as the “Prince of Preachers.” The most inspiring message that he ever preached was “Jesus is All in All.”

He also pioneered “morning chapel” at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

His sermons were an hour long and he preached in both English and French. He also translated his sermons into many languages.

Wesleyan Methodist church founder John Wesley laid the groundwork for Evangelicalism with his emphasis on the Holiness of God.

Issues of sin and redemption dominated basic Evangelicalism, which was further developed by Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon had a distinctive style and personality, and his preaching was characterized as “unbounded oratory.”

His popularity took off during the Second Great Awakening, and he preached to thousands in the Royal Surrey Gardens.

He had times of great spiritual victories and times of great spiritual battles-and, as in every Christian’s life, he had times of great sorrow. He died in 1892.


Charles Spurgeon Quotes: Famous Charles H Spurgeon Quotes

Beware of no man more than of yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us.- Charles Spurgeon

Christian faith must not be humanly fixed; it is Christ’s work and Christ’s love that is sufficient. – Charles Spurgeon

Do not forget to admire fire. It produces light, warmth, cooking, and every earthly good; without these the world would be a cold, cheerless place.- Charles Spurgeon

God always has a man of His own for each job; He never keeps one waiting long.- Charles Spurgeon

Do not be afraid of the wolf in sheep’s clothing, fear the sharp teeth and claws beneath.- Charles Spurgeon

It is wonderful how a Christian mother can give her children good manners by saying “No” to them. – Charles Spurgeon

Nothing is impossible with God.- Charles Spurgeon

Prayer is a vital organ of the spiritual life; it is like breath to our soul, without which it would die.- Charles Spurgeon

The Bible is a sword, it is not food.- Charles Spurgeon

I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble. The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker. – Charles Spurgeon

God’s children are his jewels; he will take care to see that they are well kept.- Charles Spurgeon

If you have a pure conscience, strive to make it still purer. – Charles Spurgeon

Keep away from people who belittle your friends.- Charles Spurgeon

God will never leave us in the lurch; He will move His faithful instruments all along the line of our service, and use them in the most efficient way possible.- Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon Quotes

Charles Haddon Spurgeon Quotes

The Lord is my portion, says my soul; this I know, that God is as near to me as I am to myself. – Charles Spurgeon

We should be like lamps. If our oil is spent we are nothing but naked flames with no light behind them. – Charles Spurgeon

Faith does not merely believe, it hears the word for itself, and assents to it as if it were sure to come to pass.- Charles Spurgeon

Do not think that God has put aside His love because you have sinned; He never did that, and He never will do that.- Charles Spurgeon

He that fails to be honest with his neighbour, is not honest with himself.- Charles Spurgeon

It is not the name of a thing that makes it great; it is its greatness, and nothing else.- Charles Spurgeon

Above all, remember your Saviour’s words: “I came that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” – Charles Spurgeon

See to it that you are a pilgrim, not a tourist. – Charles Spurgeon

“While we are in the body, we are not just our selves; we have an enemy that fights against the soul, the unseen foe, who is called sin.” – Charles Spurgeon

We grow so used to one kind of food that we forget that another kind exists.- Charles Spurgeon

We make many resolutions every year; let us make fewer and keep them.- Charles Spurgeon

The story of the Christian life is a progress from better to better, a growth in grace and a deeper and deeper experience of the love of God.- Charles Spurgeon

Famous Charles Spurgeon Quotes

The true way to live on little means is to make much of little means.- Charles Spurgeon

There are two kinds of men who never amount to anything: those who cannot do what they say they can do, and those who can do nothing that they say they can do.- Charles Spurgeon

Those who despise, or neglect their duties are in reality slinking off to try to do nothing at all.- Charles Spurgeon

Sooner or later, sooner or later, the soul must pay the penalty for its sins and must go down to death. – Charles Spurgeon

Sometimes we need a large staff; sometimes it is no use having one at all.- Charles Spurgeon

Time is a great teacher both for good and for evil.- Charles Spurgeon

The way to be happy is to make others so.- Charles Spurgeon

There are two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit.- Charles Spurgeon

A man who persists in seeing good in everything, is a pleasant companion for the Devil.- Charles Spurgeon

Teach me how to be strong, patient, wise, and loving; that is what I need. Teach me all these and I shall never ask for anything more.” – Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon Quotes on The Bible

The sinner’s course does not lie along the line of his sins, but intersects it.- Charles Spurgeon

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.- Henry Ford

When opportunity knocks, always let him in.- Charles Spurgeon

A Christian who does not think is sad company for the Devil.- Charles Spurgeon

There is nothing strong and nothing holy in all the universe except Jesus Christ Himself.- Charles Spurgeon

How much of a man can he turn out to be who cannot turn out a little bit of God?- Charles Spurgeon

“I am an enemy of everything that does not go in with me at the gate, I give it no entrance, until I know whether or not it is worthy of my house.”- Charles Spurgeon

The sin which I most fear is self-sinning.- Charles Spurgeon

When we begin to love with our whole heart, our whole soul, and our whole strength, then that is the beginning of a blessed life.- Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon Quotes on Prayer

Prayer is obedience to the will of God in the soul.

God’s Will is my Will when I pray.

Prayer is not an act of intellect, but a direct act of the will.- Charles Spurgeon

“Never pray until you are ready to do what you are asking to be done; never promise what you are not prepared to maintain.” – Charles Spurgeon

“Prayer is an act of faith, an evidence of nothing less than divine power.– Charles Spurgeon

“It sometimes happens that we pray when we feel no faith.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Prayer is a matter of habit – but the habit must be formed from the necessity, not from the desire of it. If you are called upon to pray, and you know it, then you are at liberty to pray. But if it arises because you want to do something else, then you ought not to pray.”- Charles Spurgeon

“The effect of prayer is marvelous. It makes a man hopeful and happy. Prayer encourages us in the conviction that we are perfectly safe in the hands of our Father.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Prayer is a mental exercise, but for what? Well, for holiness – that’s what! That’s its principal use. That is the chief end of prayer.”- Charles Spurgeon

“To pray is to live in close communion with God.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Prayer is a looking to God with all the heart, and trusting in him as the only sovereign and benefactor.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Prayer is an acknowledgement of helplessness, a confession of weakness, an appeal for strength.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Prayer is the act whereby we join our will to God’s will, and accept his love. Prayer is the very heartbeat of spiritual life; prayer is religion in action.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Prayer is a constant unfolding of God’s will within the soul.”- Charles Spurgeon

“When we pray, we believe God, and thus make him a liar if he does not deliver what he promises.”- Charles Spurgeon

“God does not deny us our desires; he merely does not grant them all at once. So prayer is like an athlete in training; it has to be exercised and improved. When you begin to pray with sincerity, prayer follows like an echo. God will answer your call with an ‘Ames!’ That is, he will answer you aloud- and it must be God and not the devil who says ‘Present!’ when you present him with your petition. The enemy cannot imitate that voice. As you pray more, perseveringly, confidently, earnestly- as you pray with your spirit pressed down to the earth and crying for mercy- you shall find it.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Expect trouble as an inevitable part of the Christian life.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Do not count on anything in this world.”- Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon Quotes on Faith

Faith is the eye of the soul, and like an eye it has a lid; if you keep that shut, you cannot see what is within you.- Charles Spurgeon

It takes no cleverness to believe. Any fool can believe. It takes faith.- Charles Spurgeon

The religion of Jesus Christ does not consist in believing as many facts as possible, but in believing one fact perfectly.- Charles Spurgeon

Faith has three steps: First, doubt. Second, despair. Third, certainty.- Charles Spurgeon

Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace to help us in time of need.- Charles Spurgeon

Faith is to believe what you do not see; and the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.- Augustine

Be strong in faith and He will give you strength.- Charles Spurgeon

We must learn how to want the things that God wants for us. Our difficulty often arises from the fact that we know what we want, and not what God wants; and consequently we cannot have what we want.- Charles Spurgeon

He who believes has eternal life; he who does not believe has already received the sentence of death.- John 3:36

You are in possession of a truth only when you have it with your whole heart, when you give it your whole love, when you not only assent to it in your understanding, but adore it in your affections. There can be no truth without holiness. – Charles Spurgeon

Best Charles Spurgeon Quotes

“Do not suppose that you can really believe until you are as good as you want to be.”- Charles Spurgeon

“It is of faith that Christ is come in the flesh.”- Ephesians 5:9

Faith does not rest upon the results of works, but upon the reality of grace.- Charles Spurgeon

Faith is a living, daring confidence in the grace of God to help us. — Charles Spurgeon

“Faith is a spiritual force, a principle, and a habit;” and faith that does not move forward in soul-stirring, soul-saving power is dead faith.- Charles Spurgeon

Faith without works is dead.- John 15:5

“It is by faith in Christ Jesus that we receive eternal redemption.”- Ephesians 1:7

“Abel had faith, and by faith he was still spoken of as righteous.”- Hebrews 11:4

“By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God.”- Hebrews 11:3

“Faith is a personal reception of the truth. It is not merely to believe it is so, but with the heart to receive it, love it, and delight in it.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Faith is the grace which enables a man to receive God’s free promise of eternal life just as though he were already in possession of it, and so to rejoice in hope of the glory of God.”- Charles Spurgeon

“I cannot open my mouth without pronouncing the name of Jesus.”- Charles Spurgeon

“The best portion of a good man’s life is his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love.”- William Wordsworth

Charles Spurgeon Quotes

Charles Spurgeon Quotes on Grace

“When you are converted, your very best works are vilest and sinful.”- Charles Spurgeon

“God is not looking for great saints, he wants simply men and women who will be holy.”- Charles Spurgeon

“There is no divine hand to clutches all the scoundrels in this world and pull them into heaven on a chain.”- Charles Spurgeon

“God does not desire that we should be successful in business; He wants us to be victors over ourselves. He has not made men to be victors over one another; he has made them to be victors over sin.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Most people are more interested in their success than in their sins, and when they are converted they find their sins a great deal greater than their success.”- Charles Spurgeon

“It is sometimes the most sinful of all our works which give us most hope for heaven.”- Charles Spurgeon

“You need never despair, however great your sins, if you feel your need of Christ and simply come to him. Never fear that you may be too vile for God to love. He said he loved the little children.”- Charles Spurgeon

“As long as there is one human being who does not believe in Jesus Christ, there will be one person, if he believes in Jesus Christ, to whom he can freely give the forgiveness of sins and life eternal.”- Charles Spurgeon

“It is grace alone that saves, grace alone that justifies.”

“I may build up my own soul in times of prosperity and peace, but in times of tribulation and affliction I find only my sins loom more brightly before me.- Charles Spurgeon

“In the depths of darkness and gloom, when the Devil threatens me with hell, at such times I have a secret hope that I shall be lifted up from these dark ways to the light.”- Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon Quotes on Love

“The mark of a Christian is not that he is careless and idle, but that he does his duty lovingly.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Love is the first lesson in Christianity, and it must be taught, or we shall never teach the others.”- Charles Spurgeon

“If you love God with all your heart, your passion will burn for his honor and glory.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Love is the badge and seal of the perfect Christian.”- Charles Spurgeon

“The first thing to be learned in a new religion should be Love, and then everything else will come clear.”- Charles Spurgeon

“He who has not love within him is as a dead man to the service of God.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Jesus Christ is the power or life of religion, and He draws men by His own Spirit into true conversion—by His own Spirit into union with Himself. He is the Author of the spiritual life of His people; and if they are not wrought upon by Him in that way, He works very generally by means of other men. How many have been converted through the preaching of some divine! When that faithful servant, Hudson Taylor, labored for God in China, he told me that out of all those who had come to him for directions before they began their missionary career into Thibet and Eastern provinces, hundreds were led to Christ through his instrumentality.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Kill the love of work in your heart and you have killed the work of God.”- Charles Spurgeon

“More than any other teacher, more than any other man that ever lived, Paul preached Christ crucified by love.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Love is the root of all religion—the beginning and end of all true religion.”- Charles Spurgeon

“There is a love of God so strong that if you have it, you will not be afraid of what may come tomorrow.”- Charles Spurgeon

“The love of God is the beginning of all holiness.”- Charles Spurgeon

“God will never forgive sin until it has hurt your soul, until you loathe and abhor yourself for having committed it. Men who trifle with sin in their hearts mock God when He says ‘Thou shalt not.'”- Charles Spurgeon

“To be like Christ is the highest honor and blessedness that any man can have;” and to attain that likeness is the loving ambition of every follower of Jesus.- Charles Spurgeon

“If you love God, you will seek to know him better.”- Charles Spurgeon

“You can never love God too much.”- Charles Spurgeon

“He who loves God cannot but desire to do His will.”- Charles Spurgeon

“The man whose heart is full of the love of God, and the knowledge of Christ’s redeeming blood, though he may fall into sin, shall be humble in spirit and broken in heart; and that brokenness of heart will make way for true repentance, whereby he shall obtain pardon.- Charles Spurgeon

“Saints are not perfect, but they love the Lord.”- Charles Spurgeon

“The greatest thing in all life is love. It is a better thing to give than to receive and no man who gives it receives too little.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Ask yourself daily if you have anything against anyone and if you find you have not, ask yourself secondly if anyone has anything against you. If the answer to this second question be in the negative, rejoice—for then you are doing very well indeed.

Charles Spurgeon Quotes on The Gospel

“He must do something to be saved. He must say something, that is, he must believe in Christ.”- Charles Spurgeon

“There is no salvation anywhere for the man who does not trust in Jesus.”- Charles Spurgeon

“If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” -Jesus (Luke 9:23 )

“The best preacher today is a good storyteller.”- Charles Spurgeon

“The gospel is the good news that God saves sinners, and He saves them all.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Justification by faith in Christ is the gospel. Not that there are not other good things in it, but justification and life are the main things of it.”- Charles Spurgeon

“The blood washes away my sins at last; The blood of Jesus does, my Savior’s blood!”- Charles Spurgeon

“The best way to preach the gospel is to put it in a story.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Tell the old, old story in the good, old way; Put the Bible in your pocket, you’ll find it there!”- Charles Spurgeon

But all that we think we know about heaven and hell will prove to be quite wrong when we get there.- Charles Spurgeon

“I cannot get rid of my doubts as to the position of Jesus Christ in heaven and hell; and I think it is because we have paid very little attention to the Scriptures about His lordship. I can tell you how He will appear to His saints in heaven, and I know He will look as though He sat upon a throne. But, brethren, that is not the position he occupied while here on earth. He was very much in the position of a servant, and He gave an example that we should follow. He was the Good Shepard, the Lamb of God, the Servant of mankind. We have paid no attention to the passages which declare His lordship and glory; but when He appears as Judge upon His throne, as King of kings and Lord of lords, it will be a sublime sight.”- Charles Spurgeon


“We are saved by grace through faith; this is all our salvation. We believe in Jesus; we have faith in Him. We love Him and trust Him for all things.”- Charles Spurgeon

“The gospel is the power of God, it is ‘God with us,’ it is Jesus Christ on earth. It is salvation itself, it is health and strength for our souls, it is the bread of heaven, it cures our diseases, makes us whole and sound in heart and mind.”- Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon Quotes on Death

“For many years I have been confronted with death and it has always seemed to me one of the most solemn sights.”- Charles Spurgeon

“I would rather die beneath the stars than in a sick room.”- Charles Spurgeon

“It is not so terrible to die as some men think.”- Charles Spurgeon

“Death is a very important subject.- Charles Spurgeon

“We should fear our grave more than our future life.”- Charles Spurgeon

“There is no real discrepancy between those who know they are going to die and those who know nothing about it, for both know what their end will be.- Charles Spurgeon

“I have no regret over death at all, only a deep thankfulness to God that I am not about to be slain as Caesar was slain. I am about to pass into the presence of my Lord.”- Charles Spurgeon

“I have no sorrow that I am coming to die. It is the best thing I can do!”- Charles Spurgeon

“You have only one life to live, and it will soon come to an end; you ought therefore to be in earnest about your soul and not merely for your body.”- Charles Spurgeon

“I tremble a little when I think of the eternity of the future, but I do not fear death. It is as nothing to me. I have no dreads, either for this world or that.”- Charles Spurgeon

“I have sometimes thought of your coming death, and it has been a cause of grief; but I would much rather think of it than that you should ever be enslaved by passion or lust.”- Charles Spurgeon

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