70+ Famous Stevie Nicks Quotes & About Stevie Nicks

About Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is a singer and songwriter, best known as the lead singer for the band Fleetwood Mac.

Stevie Nicks is a one-of-a-kind singer and guitarist, who has a range of talents that is unparalleled by most musicians. She is one of the most successful solo female artists of all time.

American singer, songwriter, photographer, and producer, Stevie Nicks, is one of the most amazing women in music history. She grew up with a lot of musical influence and was largely influenced by her family’s love for country music.

She would often watch her cousin play guitar and sing. She started singing with her family at the age of five and she had her first guitar at the age of 10.  Stevie Nicks was a huge inspiration for singers like Taylor Swift.

Stevie Nicks has spoken publicly about her experience with cocaine addiction and has been sober since 1990. Her solo career began in 1981, and since then she has released six studio albums, one live album and a Greatest Hits album.

Some of her most popular songs are Rhiannon, Landslide, and Landslide.

She is also a songwriter and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. She is one of the most talented artists of the 20th century. She has true beauty both in her voice and her physical appearance.

She has written some of the most iconic songs, and she is a songwriter as well as a singer. She has also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Famous Stevie Nicks Quotes

“I am pretty fearless. You know why? Because I don’t handle fear very well; I’m not a good terrified person.”- Stevie Nicks

“I came here for a reason. I didn’t come here to be a mother. I didn’t come here to be a nun. And I did not come here to be a cleaning lady. I came here to be a poet.” – Stevie Nicks

“There’s something about the nightlife that I just love. That’s what we’re born for, you know. We weren’t born to sit at a desk all day. We were born to dance and celebrate. And that’s what I do. I come on stage and celebrate life with my fans. It is a celebration for us all to be there together.” – Stevie Nicks

“I believe I was definitely sent down here to take people away for a little while, to make them happy.”– Stevie Nicks

“Every day when I get up, the first thing that I do is look at the sun and say, ‘Thank you. Thank you for shining like this every day.’”- Stevie Nicks

“I know there are beautiful things we can find in both light and darkness. Sometimes we have to live in both halves of the world to be able to make them whole again.”– Stevie Nicks

“It’s hard to be a woman. It’s hard to be a man. It’s hard to be a human being. Sometimes we all need somebody else, and that’s what love is all about. You know, it’s not sex. It has nothing to do with the physical act of sex; it has nothing to do with who we live with or where we live or what we drive. It’s what you are inside. It has nothing to do with how much money you have in the bank. That’s not what love is all about. Love is about heart and soul, and it’s really a hard thing to find, especially in this world today.” – Stevie Nicks

“I don’t care who the President of the United States is. I don’t care who the Pope of the Catholic Church is. They are not more important than your dog.”- Stevie Nicks

“You know, I don’t put any pressure on myself to be perfect. And I don’t feel that I should have to be perfect for anybody else either, because life is imperfect. And God created it that way on purpose, so we could have something to do for the rest of our lives.” – Stevie Nicks

“I think a lot of what I do has to do with loneliness.” – Stevie Nicks

“If I could be a witch, I’d be the wickedest witch there ever was.” – Stevie Nicks

“If you’re going to regret something, regret that you didn’t live boldly enough, rather than wishing that you had lived longer.” – Stevie Nicks

“If you’re willing to love unselfishly, you can actually get anything you want.” – Stevie Nicks

“I’m not a hippie anymore, but I still believe that music is the way we talk to God. Music is the way we pray, even if we don’t use words. I think it’s God speaking through us because music comes from someplace where words cannot go.” – Stevie Nicks

“I’m not a great singer. I think there are other singers who are better than me. If I really wanted to be an opera singer, or a singer who sang like Maria Callas, I could do it. But I don’t want to do that. That’s not what music is about for me.” – Stevie Nicks

“I can’t listen to music at all right now, because it just makes me cry. I can’t listen to anything. And I feel empty inside, because I know it’s time for me to go. It feels so real and so strong and so right; it doesn’t feel like a fantasy anymore. And that feeling doesn’t make me want to deny it or pretend that it isn’t happening. It’s just there. And for me, it seems right. It feels good to me. It’s what I want to do.” – Stevie Nicks

“I’m a Gemini, and I live in that middle zone of life where you don’t know whether you want to slither through the mud or dance on a mountaintop. So I try not to take life so seriously.” – Stevie Nicks

“I guess I put my soul in everything that’s ever been a part of me.” – Stevie Nicks

“The best part about being in Fleetwood Mac is that you never know what tomorrow will bring, but you can always be in a wonderful band with other people who just love what they do as much as you do.” – Stevie Nicks

“When you’ve got nowhere to go, there’s nothing to come home to.” – Stevie Nicks

“I keep a journal. I’ve written everything down. Someday I’ll have to write a book that really tells everybody what the last 15 years have been like. It’s something I survived.” – Stevie Nicks

“My hope is that in the end, I’m remembered for my songs. But on a more personal level, I hope that people will somehow find peace and understanding in them. Maybe they’ll be able to see things through the eyes of a child who didn’t know better. And maybe when they feel bad, they can reach out and take solace in one of my songs. That would make me feel good about what I do.” – Stevie Nicks

“I’m happiest when I’m singing. When I’m not, I feel dead inside. And when I’m singing, it sounds like the world is running itself. And that is my hope as well as my dream. To make people feel happy while you make them happy. That would be heaven on earth for me.” – Stevie Nicks

“You know, I’m still pretty much an optimist. I believe a lot of people are good at heart.” – Stevie Nicks

“I can turn it around in my mind and I can do the right thing because nothing is going to stop me from turning it around in my mind and doing the right thing.” – Stevie Nicks

“Music has got to be a place where you feel good about yourself. It’s got to make you feel stronger, braver – more confident.” – Stevie Nicks

“I am myself as a woman, first and foremost. I believe in women and I believe that all men should love women. It’s my natural state as a human being to be a feminist.” – Stevie Nicks

“If you have the guts to be yourself, other people are forced to deal with that.” – Stevie Nicks

“I have to find joy in the difficult things, because otherwise I’d go crazy.” – Stevie Nicks

“I think music is the way we are meant to learn lessons in life, and lessons about love. I don’t know what else that could mean except that people learn from each other through their experience.” – Steve Nicks

“I’m not going to be bullied by somebody telling me what I can and cannot do.” – Stevie Nicks

“When you’re truly in love, you know that there’s no room for doubt. You’ll do anything to make that person happy.” – Steve Nicks

“You can learn a lot about someone from the way they dress, their hair, and by the way they speak.” – Steve Nicks

“There’s nothing harder than letting go.” – Stevie Nicks

On How She Learned the Truth . . . “I thought I’d never hear the story. I’d never know what happened. And I didn’t want to know.” – Stevie Nicks

On Her Early Childhood, and How Her Father Led Her to Music . . . “He saw that I had a talent for it and he decided to try to get me into it, but he didn’t have any instruments. So he bought my first guitar when I was twelve years old.” – Stevie Nicks

“When you’re a kid, you never think about how clueless you are. You just want to look cool at the moment and fool everybody.” – Stevie Nicks

“I thought I wanted to be a writer, but then I kind of fell in love with this whole idea of being an artist, and I figured it out that they’re not that far apart after all.” – Stevie Nicks

“I try to keep my insides as pure as I possibly can.” – Stevie Nicks

“I think the biggest trick I learned, and all these artists have learned, is that it’s not what you’re born with. It’s not where you come from. It’s what you choose to do with it.” – Stevie Nicks

“There are only two kinds of people who really matter in this world: those who make things happen, and those who just watch. And I plan on being one of those who makes things happen.” – Stevie Nicks

“I have met people in LA that I’ve wanted to stab, but, you know, I’ve learned more about myself in the last two years than I have in the last five years.” – Stevie Nicks

“I don’t necessarily need the money from a big tour or a big record deal or anything like that. I do what I have to do, and the rewards are just the music. And that’s what drives me.” – Stevie Nicks

“I’m not competitive with anyone else. I don’t hate anyone. It doesn’t matter who is number 1 or number 20, if someone is doing their thing and you think it’s a good thing that they do their thing, you go out there and support them.” – Stevie Nicks

“I have my own ideas. And if they work, I don’t have to disguise them, but they’re different from other people’s ideas.” – Stevie Nicks

“I’m not the best singer in the world. I’ve been told that by a lot of people. But . . .I can sing all the notes every time I’m supposed to.” – Stevie Nicks

“Somebody once said, ‘If you can make a living at it you do what you want to do. If not, you don’t.’ I think those are really good words that speak for me.” – Stevie Nicks

“I really believe in the power of music to make people feel good about themselves. There are a lot of moments in life that are really difficult, and a lot of times the music I write will make you feel better about yourself, and you’ll feel like you can take those difficult moments.”

“I’m not going to change who I am, what I do, or what I have so that someone else will like me. And that’s about as tough as it gets.”

“I think the biggest trick that anybody can learn is just to be yourself in whatever you do, because if you are yourself then people will love you for who you are.” – Steve Nicks

“The thing about writing is that nobody knows how a song is actually written. But there’s a lot of ways that people can write, and the way that I write is I just go in and try to create a vibe.” – Stevie Nicks

“I love to make people happy. And the best feeling ever is when you’re on stage, and people are happy because you make them happy.” – Stevie Nicks

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