150+ Famous Godfather Quotes About Family, Love, Respect & Loyalty

Godfather Quotes About Family

“Fredo, you’re my older brother, and I love you. But don’t take sides against the family again. Ever.” – Michael Corleone

“We are the family of John Gotti, the Godfather, understand? You can put that in your pipe and smoke it!” – Sonny

“You and I belong to a dying breed that will never be seen again. The old-fashioned Mafia family where everybody is equal, nobody has any power over anyone else, where loyalty binds us all together.” – Carlo Gambino Jr.

“You think I wouldn’t have taken a bullet for my older brother, who is the godfather of our family?” – Don Vito Corleone

“Everyone tells me I was lucky; they think it was my good looks that broke up your little gang. But you should have seen the other guy! When we rolled up on him, he looked like a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights.” – Michael Corleone

“I swore my brother was the smartest person in the world. I would have sworn that before God.” – Sonny

“If an outsider comes in, he becomes the enemy and you always have to watch your back.” – Tom Hagen

“They made it personal when they shot Pop. It is not business, it’s personal.” – The Godfather

“I’ve dealt with rackets since I was knee high to a grasshopper.” – Tom Hagen

“If you can’t trust the family, who can you trust?”

“I wouldn’t take vengeance on somebody just because my father was killed. I would only take vengeance on the people that did it, or their descendants.” – Sonny Corleone

“Making money isn’t a crime, but losing money is.”

“When you’re the man, you’ve got to act like it.” – Fredo Corleone

“It’s only business, nothing personal…. Well, maybe just a little bit personal.” – Michael Corleone

“I known people who thought of themselves as real tough guys until they met my brother Fredo!” – Kay Adams

“This war is not over. It’s just begun.” – Sonny Corleone

“I’m from the old school. The old school was never a wise guy. We were a wise guy family. ” – Michael

“In the old days when you looked someone in the eye and said, I’m gonna kill you, you knew it.” – Sonny Corleone

“You’re my brother. You’re an honorable man.” – Michael Corleone

“It’s not personal. It’s strictly business.” – Michael

“We have our own family here, even if it is different from yours.” – Tom Hagen

“A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” – Sonny Corleone

“In the old days there were no secrets, everybody in the neighborhood knew everything about everybody else, and life was much simpler.” – Tom Hagen

“I learned what it means to live by the code: If you don’t have a code you’re nothing.” – Michael Corleone

“You have to find out who’s not as loyal as you are and who they are, and then cut them loose.” – Tom Hagen

“I’ll be proud of my family. Our name will still be respected in this city when I’m gone.” – Michael Corleone

“The family is the most important thing in life. Don’t lose it, son.” – Vito Corleone

“Don’t worry about the small things in life, spend most of your time thinking about the big picture.” – Michael Corleone

“If you don’t make mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough.” – Michael Corleone

“I’m not a Godfather. I am a son of a Godfather!”- Sonny Corleone

“And I raised my daughter in the American fashion. I gave her freedom, but I taught her never to dishonor her family.” – The Godfather

“There’s no such thing as an honest man.” – Vito Corleone

“A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns.” – Sonny Corleone

“No matter how you slice it, there’s an even chance that the pizza will be ruined.” – Don Altobello

“Don’t take sides in a family argument.” – Fredo Corleone

“Nuns, is that what you learned in Sunday school?” – Michael Corleone

“Don’t get angry at anyone, Don’t get even with anyone. It’s a waste of time.” – Sonny Corleone

“I’m surprised they let you alone even this long.” – Fredo Corleone

“I am responsible for my own actions and no one else’s.” – Michael Corleone

“You’re a young man, you’ll learn.” – Don Altobello

“Yeah? Well he’s a kid, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” – Freddie Corleone

“Some men don’t have the guts to live by any code at all!” – Sonny Corleone

I never forgive anyone who betrays the family.” – Michael Corleone

“Take me to him.” – Michael Corleone

“What happened? What did he do? What am I going to do with him?” – Michael Corleone

“One way or another, he’s gonna pay for this!” – Michael Corleone

“I’m not a killer.” – Vito Corleone

“The Godfather does not exist… He is a figment of the American imagination.” – Michael Corleone

“A man should always be able to count on the fact that at least one man has his back.” – Don Vito Corleone

“When Vito died, it meant what?” “That your father was finished.” – Michael Corleone and Sonny Corleone

“Look me in the eye when you ask me for my help!” – Michael Corleone

Like father, like son.” – Michael Corleone

“I’m no helpless boy.” – Sonny Corleone

“Don’t ever get so far above the rest of us that you think you’re better than us!” – Sonny Corleone (on Michael)

“How can I be responsible for my own family, if I’m not responsible for myself?” – Sonny Corleone (on Johnny Fontaine)

“An eye for an eye.” – Michael Corleone

(After re-enacting the assassination of Don Fanucci) “That was just like the old days, wasn’t it?” – Vito Corleone

“Who’s that woman you brought with you?” – Michael Corleone

“I’ll give you $25,000. I want your word of honor, Michael”. – Connie Corleone to Michael Corleone (who was now in the business)

“It’s not a job, it’s an occupation” – Michael Corleone

“I’m going to the hospital to make sure it’s true.” – Tom Hagen to Vito Corleone

“An Offer you can’t refuse” (Caption of a poster in the film) – The Godfather

(When Michael shoots Sollozzo) “Look at him, he’s my youngest boy, this one’s just like me.” – Vito Corleone

(When Michael shot a man in the back) “I owe him money.” – Michael Corleone

(When Michael is about to say a prayer) “That’s okay… God knows my situation.” – Robert Duvall as Tom Hagen

(When Robert first performed his piano playing) “We accept your resignation, sir.” – Sollozzo

Godfather Quotes About Love

“Love is the most important thing in the world.”

“Don’t ever take someone else’s love for granted.”

“He should’ve taken better care of his family–shouldn’t he?”

“I loved my father very much.”

“When I was a kid, I used to think that my father was Superman or Santa Claus or the greatest guy who ever lived–and then when I grew up, it turned out that he wasn’t any of those things. It was all just this big act, you know?”

“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

“He taught me more than how to make tomato sauce; he taught me right from wrong.”

“I owe everything I am to my father.”

“You’d give the shirt off your back for the people you love and you’d never think twice about it.”

“My father made me what I am. And he had a good deal of trouble doing it.”

“I’m old school, you know? Tradition, family. I believe in that.”

“Beneath the surface of every great man is a layer of badness.”

“I think that’s why God made fathers and sons—so they can love each other without getting involved.”

“As I told Michael, you can act like a man or you can act like a little baby…Michael, you’re a man. Act like one.”

“You wanna be a gangster? Fine, act like one. You want to be respected? Act like one.”

“I want you to be strong and to show respect for your father and his friends forever.”

“Don’t worry about what the neighbors will say, just worry about the people in this room.”

“You know he’s got a lot of problems but he’s still my father, no matter what he’s done. He’s still your grandfather, and he’s still my father. He is a wonderful man.”

“I didn’t ask you to come here to give me a lecture on morality.”

“You’ve always believed in me and I’m grateful for that. I love you very much, and I always will…They can’t take that away from me.”

“I’d like to trust you, Michael, but there’s something about you…”

“…just when I thought I was out they pull me back in.”

“I’ve been the Underboss, the Consigliere… it’s all the same to me, but my greatest achievement will always be my children.”

Don’t ever take someone else’s love for granted.

He should’ve taken better care of his family… shouldn’t he?

I loved my father very much.

I owe everything I am to my father.

I’m old school, you know? Tradition, family. I believe in that.

Those are the things your mother would’ve wanted you to have…she’d want you to have respect for our family and our friends…never forget those things above all others.

Don’t worry about what the neighbours will say, just worry about the people in this room.”

Godfather Quotes About Business

“The worst thing you can be in life is a big shot because then nobody shoots at you and everybody shoots at the other guy.”

“What’s important is that you understand that business isn’t about making friends. It’s about making money.”

“I only started out to make some money for my mother who was alone with five young children on her hands.”

“The name of the game is ‘every man for himself.'”

“A man has to have a code, a creed to live by, no matter his job. Whether he’s a businessman like me, or a garbage man.”

“I never wanted to be the kind of father who was only remembered for walking his daughter down the aisle.”

“I’m not a businessman. I’m a crime family boss.”

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Godfather Quotes About Favours

“Actions defined a man; words were a fart in the wind.” – The Godfather

“Behind every great fortune there is a crime.” – The Godfather

“Even if he was an animal, he was still a man in my heart.” – The Godfather

“We’re not big enough to go around making enemies of everybody who’s got it in for us.” -The Godfather

“One word: Consistency.” -The Godfather

“Never tell anybody outside the family what you’re thinking again. That’s also a useful rule.” -The Godfather

“Don’t talk to anybody about the business. Just don’t talk to anybody. Understood?” -The Godfather

“We’re not big enough to go around making enemies of everybody who’s got it in for us.” -The Godfather

“Don’t be so nervous, Al! Johnny has nothing on you!” – The Godfather

I love you too much, Sonny!” – The Godfather

“You’re a wise man, Michael.” – The Godfather

“If I ask you for help, I want it done.” – The Godfather

“Sonny always was a bit of a sucker for book learning.” – The Godfather

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” -The Godfather

“…But don’t let them know how much you care… ” -The Godfather

“Don’t ever talk to anybody about the family business. It’s not wise.” — The Godfather

“I’m a man of my word, Michael, Sonny’s… everything I say is here” -The Godfather

“Nobody goes back on his word, except in Sicily!” — The Godfather

“You should know that my brother is a man of his word.” – The Godfather

“I’ll go to any lengths for my family.” -The Godfather

“I didn’t need that knife in the first place.” -The Godfather

“There wasn’t much intelligence involved with the Don’s style of omerta.” -The Godfather

“Don’t be so nervous, Al! Johnny has nothing on you!” – The Godfather

“Gentlemen, when we’re in the presence of one another, we are all equal.” -The Godfather

“Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family. Ever.” -The Godfather

“Never let anyone know what you’re thinking. Never show anyone any weakness.” – The Godfather

“I gave you a lot of leeway, but I’m tired of it.” -The Godfather

“They had to kneel before him in the end, didn’t they?” -The Godfather

“I’ve always avoided mixing business with pleasure. That’s why I’ve lasted so long.” -The Godfather

“It’s far better to have a few intelligent enemies than many stupid friends.” -The Godfather

“Why should I be unhappy? I’m the one who makes all the money.” -The Godfather

“I don’t like violence, you know that. I’m a businessman.” -The Godfather

“I don’t like violence, but it does fascinate me. The way a man’s nerve controls his hand. I was always interested in that.” – The Godfather

“In Sicily, a man rises to the level of his ability.” -The Godfather

“When you live by the sword, you die by the sword.” -The Godfather

“You really know how to spoil a party, don’t you?” -The Godfather

Don’t believe in an enemy, or you’ll never find one.” -The Godfather

“When you live by the sword, you die by the sword.” -The Godfather

“I’m not afraid of dying anymore.” -The Godfather

“What can I say? We’re Americans.” – The Godfather

Godfather Quotes About Loyalty

Any man can turn traitor.” – The Godfather

“We offer them an honored place in the family.” – The Godfather

“My father served well, I will serve better. If with my life I prove my loyalty, then nobody can deny me.” – The Godfather

“He did not ask for our love, but we gave it to him. We were his family. He was ours.” – The Godfather

“I will not be betrayed by any of you!” – The Godfather

“Loyalty is a virtue worth depicting and understanding in order to be an excellent person and a good man or woman.” – The Godfather

“When I think of my father, I think of my father’s fear. The fear of being helpless. The fear of losing his wife. The fear of losing his son.” – The Godfather

“A man’s gotta understand his limitations.” – The Godfather

Men of honor understand loyalty.” – The Godfather

“There are two ways to be successful in life: be stupid and work hard or be smart and make others work hard, the first one is harder to do but the second one can be done by anyone.” – The Godfather

“It’s always better if we can do business with people who are reasonable, with people we know well.” – The Godfather

“My father was a man of peace, he didn’t want war or violence against anyone. He wanted to live life in happiness and in peace.” – The Godfather

A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” – The Godfather

“You can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.” – The Godfather

“Never raise your voice when you can keep it low and still be heard.” – The Godfather

“Anyone who doesn’t see the value in loyalty, has never had it.” – The Godfather

“I’m not stupid enough to do anything without getting even first.” – The Godfather

“A wise man knows when to put his foot down. A smart man knows when to put his foot down, but first he knows how to put the other foot down.” – The Godfather

Today is a good day for someone else to die.” – The Godfather

Never ask for anything unless you are ready to get it.” – The Godfather

“Today, more than ever, we need loyalty-loyalty to our family, loyalty to our friends, loyalty to our employees, loyalty to our neighborhood and loyalty…to our country.” – The Godfather

“The man who does not have patience has lost the battle before it begins.” – The Godfather

“I don’t care so much about what they all think of me; I care about my family’s reputation.” – The Godfather

“Always follow your heart, no matter what the consequences may be.” – The Godfather

“A good thing to have around when you figure something out.” – The Godfather

“The best way to get rid of a problem is to take care of it before it gets started.” – The Godfather

A man who is perfect has never lived.” – The Godfather

“Loyalty is the glue that holds the family together.” – The Godfather

“There are no enemies when you have loyalty and friendship alone.

NOTE: Loyalty is a virtue worth depicting and understanding in order to be an excellent person and a good man or woman.

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