230+ Best Heartless Quotes | Heartless Quotes by Marissa Meyer

Heartless Quotes by Marissa Meyer

  1. “I left my heart in Florida” – Marissa Meyer
  2. “I have a heart for you” – Marissa Meyer
  3. “My heart is beating erratically” – Marissa Meyer
  4. “Heartbreak doesn’t look like I thought it would: it is not beautiful and graceful, but instead an ugly, gritty mess that’s smeared across my face.”- Marissa Meyer
  5. “The only way to take back your life from your past is to take back what was lost with love. And from my past, I lost you”-“Marissa Meyer”
  6. “It’s not love that threatens us. It’s fear.” – Marissa Meyer
  7. “If I can’t have you, nobody will.”- Marissa Meyer
  8. “Sheila will try to steal your heart because she knows that you’ll only love her if it is impossible for anyone else to steal it away.” – Marissa Meyer
  9. Even though they are enemies, Mal and Cassie are bound together by their hearts. – Marissa Meyer
  10. “When he broke my heart, he made me a better person,” she said, tears in her eyes.” – Marissa Meyer
  11. “I have a heart for you.”-Marissa Meyer
  12. “She wanted to know the difference between love and a heart. I told her: A heart is for love.” – Marissa Meyer
  13. I have a soft spot for broken people. -Marissa Meyer
  14. “He broke my heart. But he made me stronger.”-Marissa Meyer
  15. “I said I was going to fix myself. Which means maybe I’m not broken anymore.”- Marissa Meyer
  16. “She claims that he’s her soulmate, but she doesn’t know what the word means.” – Marissa Meyer
  17. “Because of you, I’m stronger.”- Marissa Meyer
  18. “The longer you spend in love, the harder it is to say goodbye.”- Marissa Meyer
  19. “I was always thinking about what would happen if it wasn’t me who saved him. What would happen if we were stuck underground for the rest of eternity? What would happen if he died?”- Marissa Meyer
  20. “I thought I had found the kind of love that could save me from my fear, but I was wrong. – Marissa Meyer
  21. “I’m not afraid anymore. I’m just stupid.”- Marissa Meyer
  22. “I wanted to be the one that took away your fear, but I was the one who made it worse.”-Marissa Meyer
  23. “Sometimes love is just more scar than pleasure.” – Marissa Meyer
  24. “Trust isn’t a way to live, it’s a way to die when you’re too scared to try something new.” – Marissa Meyer
  25. “If you think the people who hurt you are going to love you, then you’re not sure of anything.”- Marissa Meyer
  26. “You can’t be who you want to be when someone’s pulling the strings of your heart.”- Marissa Meyer
  27. “Because when someone loves you, they have to deal with how badly they want to lose you.” –Marissa Meyer
  28. “…there is nothing worse than the heartbreak of knowing that everything that happened in one moment was inevitable and unstoppable.

Savage Heartless Quotes

  1. “I’m not heartless. I appear so because I’m afraid of getting hurt. I’m one of those fragile hearts that once cared too much.” -Nitya Prakash
  2. “We have the choice of two lives. One is called easy, and the other is called difficult.” -Anais Nin
  3. “And so, I learned that you can be hurt by words and not just actions.” -Stephen Chbosky
  4. “The first time I saw a person who knew how to hurt me, I felt they’d found the secret of life.” -Michel Houellebecq
  5. “I realized that the most dangerous thing that can happen to you is for someone to fall in love with you and then leave you. Because then you realize what is important, what really matters, and every good feeling is lost in confusion over the loss of someone who hardly knew you.” -Nina Stibbe
  6. “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” -H. Jackson Brown Jr.
  7. “If you must love someone, be sure first that your love is not based on admiration or idealization, because if it is, the other side of that coin is disappointment and pain when it fades; for only the most loving relationships can withstand disillusionment and still remain loving.” -M Scott Peck
  8. “I’m a sucker for sentimentality and romance and miscommunication. I love that stuff. I think it’s funny.” -Steve Lippman
  9. “I think we grow and mature when we hurt the ones we care for. If you’re not willing to accept pain, you won’t get very far with anyone or anything else in life.” -Robert Scoble
  10. “I think we’re all fragile. That’s our humanity. Some people lose their humanity when they become famous, but I think we all remain human, and free to fall apart every day.” -Richard Linklater
  11. “There is no such thing as superficial love or deep love, only love in the right measure at the right time.” -M Scott Peck
  12. “Don’t think you need to feel guilty about being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. That is the most beautiful thing in the world.” -Josh McDermitt
  13. “Love is not so much a matter of where we are or what we have, as it is a matter of what we are.” -Agnes Repplier
  14. “Love is a devouring disease, if we do not love ourselves to death.” –Voltaire
  15. “The only thing that will defeat love is indifference. It can be killed in the same way that a fire can be extinguished: by conscious choice and effort.” –Paulo Coelho
  16. “Love is a fire and jealousy is the spark that lights it.” –William Shakespeare
  17. “I think you can only be hurt by something you love.” -Joss Whedon
  18. “There are two things that every human being should have before death: one, to have loved and been loved by another person, and two, to know exactly who he was at the end of his life.” -Sarah Bernhardt
  19. “If you are not willing to risk pain, you will never find love.” -Stephen Chbosky
  20. “The first time I saw a person who knew how to hurt me, I felt they’d found the secret of life.” -Michel Houellebecq
  21. “I think people can be very cruel sometimes just because they want to see you suffer.” -Josh McDermitt
  22. “I’m going to kill all the men in the world.” Feminist slogan
  23. “Don’t you know, if there are no men in heaven, then I can’t get married?” – Gloria Steinem
  24. “What is a woman? A man that failed.” – Virginia Woolf
  25. “We’re taught we have to be skinny and beautiful and perfect.
  26. “I don’t like wine, I only tolerate it.”
  27. “They’ve brainwashed us to feel we have to be perfect. We are not.” – Nicole Kidman
  28. “Your inner child is a very powerful thing. It is a very loving part of you.” – Oprah Winfrey
  29. “I’d like to see the man who makes love for the first time, and doesn’t weep when he thinks about his first passion.” – Simone de Beauvoir
  30. “Women are the natural enemies of men.” – Jean Paul Sartre
  31. “The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock at the door…”
  32. “The male-female relationship is the most fundamental dilemma in human existence.” – Camille Paglia
  33. “Feminism is about giving women choice.” – Naomi Wolf
  34. “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been. They have courage, intuition, they see deeper, they feel things more deeply. They are infinitely more complex beings than men.” – Catherine Deneuve
  35. “Feminism is really the progressive elimination of men.” – Marilyn French
  36. “Women are afraid to say ‘I want to be a man.’ They’re terrified of being punished for not being feminine.” – Elayne Boosler
  37. “Women are better at everything than men.

Best Heartless Quotes

  1. “People can be so heartless and dirty.” ― Jim Goad
  2. “Heartless’ is a label that is all too often wrongly given to someone who is rational by someone who is emotional.” -Mokokoma Mokhonoan
  3. “The heart that pumps blood to the organ and fails to pump love to the world is heartless” -P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
  4. “I give myself permission to have a heart and be truly human, and I give myself the permission to let go of who i think i should be and be who i really am.” -Jade Louise
  5. “The heartless are a burden on the earth…” -Shaykh Ibn al-Uthaymeen
  6. “To love is one thing, to be loved is another, but to love and never be loved is heartless.” -Anonymous
  7. “Don’t always look back. You can never see that person again in your life, you don’t want to have a heart full of regrets!” -Anonymous
  8. “True religion is a state of the heart and not just an action. Religion is not to blame but rather the people who use it for their selfish gains.” -Anonymous
  9. “The heartless are like caravans that travel on land only to be destroyed by the raging fires of hell.” -Anonymous
  10. “You can’t just let go of someone who means a lot to you, you have to choose to let them go and move on, otherwise they will always have their place in your heart.” -Anonymous
  11. “Loving someone is a risk, but not loving someone is more of a risk.” -Anonymous
  12. “The heartless always want to make themselves feel better about who they are by projecting their negativity on others.” -Anonymous
  13. “A heartless man will cry over the death of a fish, but he won’t move a finger when his own mother dies.” -Anonymous
  14. “If your heart is full of love then it will never be full of regrets.” -Jade Louise
  15. “The heartless are like a hole in the ground that collects rainwater, but it is easy to get rid of with one simple shove.” -Anonymous
  16. “If you know your heart is pure, then go and do what you want to. You won’t need to worry about karma or what other people think about you.” -Anonymous
  17. “Every heartless person will die an unhappy death, and who wants to live like that?” -Anonymous
  18. “Don’t ever think you are better than someone else just because they are heartless.” -Jade Louise
  19. “Even though we may act like we are some special kind of human being, we are still all composed of the same essence; as a human being, you cannot be heartless or just indifferent towards others’ suffering and pain.” -Anonymous
  20. “No matter how many times you try to fool yourself, deep down you know you can’t be heartless.” -Anonymous
  21. “You will never be happy if your happiness is dependent on a certain person, because when that person leaves your life then the happiness goes with them.” -Anonymous
  22. “The heartless can be identified by their cold stare and their empty words.” -Anonymous
  23. “It’s not about being perfect, it’s about trying your best and loving the imperfections in others.” -Anonymous
  24. “Always think before you speak because people who speak without thinking are heartless.” -Anonymous
  25. “You must have love in your heart or else you will die an unhappy death.” -Anonymous
  26. “Never compromise on your values and beliefs because if you do, you will be an immoral villain who is heartless and cruel.”
  27. “It’s better to have a fair amount of money than the whole world in your pockets because you can always use the money for good, but if the whole world was in your pocket, then it might just as well be gone by morning.” -Anonymous
  28. “Don’t be heartless and just walk away from someone who really needs your help because that person will have to suffer even more and who wants that on their conscience?” -Anonymous
  29. “People can be so heartless, especially if they have something you want and you just can’t get it.” -Anonymous
  30. “People can be so heartless that they will destroy other people’s happiness just so they can get their own.” -Anonymous
  31. “There are many times in life that people are faced with a situation that they would rather not deal with, but you have to be strong and brave enough to face it head on because if you run away then the battle will always follow you.” -Anonymous
  32. “The world is a cruel place, but you have to be strong enough to face it because if you are weak then the heartless will always take advantage of you.” -Anonymous
  33. “Anyone who can be heartless about someone else’s suffering is not worth your time and cares because they probably found out something about themselves that they are not proud of.” -Anonymous
  34. “Remember that you are human, which means that there will always be people who are heartless even though you work hard to be kind, patient and loving.” -Anonymous
  35. “No matter how many times you try to fool yourself, deep down you know you can’t be heartless because it would be better to remain honest with yourself.”
  36. “You can love someone with all your heart and be deeply in love with them, but that doesn’t mean that they feel the same way, so don’t cry yourself to sleep at night because you were stupid enough to fall in love with a heartless man or woman.” -Anonymous

Being Heartless Quotes

  1. “People are often heartless, so remember to always be polite to everyone and make sure to say everything you can because it is better to be polite than heartless.” -Anonymous
  2. “If you treat everyone with love and respect then their hearts will likely melt and they will become your friend rather than an enemy, but if you are heartless then they will slowly hate you until there is nothing left of them between them.” -Anonymous
  3. “The world can be a very cruel place if you are not careful and if you are heartless then they will quickly make you into a heartless person.” -Anonymous
  4. “You can treat people with love and respect, but that doesn’t mean they will do the same because the world is often kind of heartless, so always make sure to keep your eyes open for trouble.” -Anonymous
  5. “You might be heartless, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is, so make sure to always treat other people with respect.” -Anonymous
  6. “The world is often heartless and filled with cruel people, so always keep a smile on your face and a kind word in your heart because even though there are dozens of predators who want to hurt you there are hundred who will want nothing more than to see you succeed.” -Anonymous
  7. “You can be heartless and still be surrounded by people who love you, so always keep a smile on your face and go out in the world in search of good friends.” -Anonymous
  8. “When it comes to the people around you, just be yourself because you can never make anyone happy if you are not an authentic human being.” -Anonymous
  9. “People are the most precious things in this world and even though we can be heartless at times, we should always cherish people around us.” -Anonymous
  10. “When it comes to our fellow beings, just be yourself because you are the only one who knows what makes you happy.” -Anonymous
  11. “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.” -Woody Allen
  12. “The best thing about me is me.” -LeBron James
  13. “Money can’t buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a BMW than on a bike.” -“Chris Rock”
  14. “What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.” “-Friedrich Nietzsche

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