63+ Best Hulk Hogan Quotes and Sayings

Who is Hulk Hogan?

Hulk Hogan is a retired professional wrestler who was best known for appearing in the World Wrestling Federation from 1979 to the early 1990s. He now hosts his own talk show. Hulk Hogan is an American retired professional wrestler.

Hogan was best known for appearing in the World Wrestling Federation from 1979 to the early 1990s. He now hosts his own talk show. His show on ION Television, Hogan Knows Best, is a show about his family life.

Before becoming famous as the original face of the WWE, and later for his part in what would become the company’s most controversial scandal, Hulk Hogan was a burgeoning sports star in the state of Florida.

At first a high school standout football player and state champion wrestler, he led his team to victory for three years in a row at the state championship level. He won two national championships, and at one point held the world record for track and field in his weight class.

After college, he turned pro, playing for the New York Jets and serving as a color commentator for ABC’s Wide World of Sports.

Best Hulk Hogan Quotes and Sayings

I feel really good right now. It will really be a tough decision. It’s so hard to give up what you love doing. Hanging up the boots will not be an easy thing to do.-Hulk Hogan

[on losing his WCW World Heavyweight Championship title belt] I’m not the greatest wrestler ever. I’m not the best bodybuilder ever. But Hulkamania has been running wild and I’ve done what I wanted to do.-Hulk Hogan

I grew up in an era when people were paid a lot of money to be wrestlers. To say that wrestling is my profession is true, but wrestling was my hobby.-Hulk Hogan

We’re probably the opposite of the Osbournes. We run a very tight ship.-Hulk Hogan

[on his father’s favorite wrestlers] We were more like Jesse and the other kids. When I was younger, I thought it was cool to be Gene Kiniski. My dad loved wrestling, but he didn’t like the guys who just beat up everybody.-Hulk Hogan

The thing that bothers me is that they (the Internet) can put out anything they want. It’s very hard to stop them because you couldn’t prove what they say, and it’s not what the fans want to see. But the fans know that they’re not true at all.-Hulk Hogan

Sometimes I wonder if the people involved in wrestling are the ones who are fans or critics.-Hulk Hogan

I’m not going to give up without a fight, because I’d rather die trying. If they (WCW) decide they don’t want me, then they don’t want me.-Hulk Hogan

I think the fans are getting tired of me. They know I’m not the greatest wrestler ever, but they still want to see wrestling. It will be interesting if they fire me and get somebody else.-Hulk Hogan

When I got to WCW, it was a different atmosphere than WWE. The wrestlers were all over the place, and some were really good. They didn’t have one guy who was that great.-Hulk Hogan

[on his WCW World title loss to The Rock] It was unbelievable. I’m not the greatest wrestler ever, but he showed me who the greatest wrestler is. I’m going to be and forever be a Hulkamaniac.-Hulk Hogan

I think I should have gotten a lot of money for the match in Montreal in 1997.-Hulk Hogan

The younger wrestlers like Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar have improved wrestling so much. They’ve got the best product there is, and they’re doing something that I don’t know of in wrestling, yet.-Hulk Hogan

Lesnar’s a monster. He’s strong and very agile. I know he will be an incredible champion.-Hulk Hogan

I knew my training would help him (Brock Lesnar), but I was surprised at how quick he caught on with the moves and how quickly he adapted to his character.-Hulk Hogan

[on Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock in Calgary, 2001] We could have done a lot more with the psychology of the match and that feud. I think we could have been even better had we focused on putting over Brock Lesnar (as the WWF Champion).-Hulk Hogan

It’s not about who wins now, it’s about who wins in the future.-Hulk Hogan

Lesnar had a lot of potentials, and I wish that match had been longer. There was a lot of time wasted on other stuff.-Hulk Hogan

(on the death of his father, 1953) I wasn’t ready for it. We didn’t get along because he was… different. He was an inventor and a creative person who created things, and that’s fine because that’s what he loved to do.-Hulk Hogan

[on Hulkamania] That thing is not going anywhere. The funny thing is, after it went away (in WWE) in the ’80s, there was a lot of nostalgia. The children that I meet still remember Hulkamania even though they were just kids when it happened.-Hulk Hogan

[on John Cena] It’s not an ego problem with Cena, but a problem with the direction he’s being pushed in. You’ve got to build up new stars by beating up on guys that are already established. I think he’s getting great heat from the fans. He’s great on the microphone, and he’s really good in the ring, but I don’t think he’s ready to be a main event guy.-Hulk Hogan

[on his WCW farewell speech at the Bash in Bushwick] I don’t have any regrets about my time in WCW. I can say that it was amazing there, because of all the different stuff they did with me. They gave me a lot of freedom to do anything.-Hulk Hogan

[on his final fight with Randy Savage] I did it for one reason. I wanted to make some money. That’s all I did it for and that was the only reason why.-Hulk Hogan

[on Randy Savage] He’s a great athlete, and he has studied wrestling all his life. He knows what he’s doing in the ring, and he knows what the people want to see.-Hulk Hogan

[on Randy Savage] He’s a great athlete, and he has studied wrestling all his life. He knows what he’s doing in the ring, and he knows what the people want to see.-Hulk Hogan

Randy Savage is definitely on my top 10 list. Anyone who wants to say I’m jealous of him is crazy. He worked for Vince McMahon (in WWF) and made a lot of money there, but there should have been more.-Hulk Hogan

[on “The Ultimate Warrior”] I think it’s great that he’s trying to get back in the ring. He knows a lot of people his age don’t remember him, but I remember him and he was a hell of a champion.-Hulk Hogan

(on Hulk Hogan’s return to WCW) I was happy about it when they called me and told me they were bringing him back, because it was time for him to come back.-Hulk Hogan

[on the death of his friend, Arnold Skaaland] He was not only a brother to me but also a very good friend. I’m going to miss him.-Hulk Hogan

[on having “Hulkamania” die] It makes me sad. I thought it could go on forever, but it will fade away and someone else will take it up again.-Hulk Hogan

(on his baby daughter) She’s great because she’s just like me. I call her my little Hulkster.-Hulk Hogan

[on Bill Goldberg] He’s had some injuries lately, but they’ve already said he’ll be back in the ring by September. That’s great for wrestling.-Hulk Hogan

(on Bill Goldberg) He’s a great athlete, and I’m proud of him for what he’s doing with his career.-Hulk Hogan

(on the death of Brian Pillman) I loved Brian. I’m not sure why he died. It doesn’t make sense that Brian, who had all the potential in the world, could die at such a young age.-Hulk Hogan

(on Hulk Hogan’s response to his daughter’s birth) He wanted to do everything right. I told him take some time off; just be with your wife and daughter.-Hulk Hogan

[on Hulk Hogan’s return to WCW] I was happy for him because he wanted to come back and get everybody together in a nice way. I think it’s going to be great for him. He can go back home and he’ll have all the support of WCW.-Hulk Hogan

(on his daughter’s birth) It was a hard day, like every day, but special because I was with my wife in the delivery room. It was just wonderful.-Hulk Hogan

(on his daughter’s birth) I cried just like any dad would do when he has his first-born child.-Hulk Hogan

(on his daughter’s birth) My wife and I had a son that was born with a heart condition. I stayed up every night for six months holding him and praying with him. He’s going to be fine, but it was hard on me and my wife.-Hulk Hogan

(on his daughter’s birth) The first time I saw her in the delivery room, she took one look at me and smiled.-Hulk Hogan

(on the misconception that he is mean) I’m a loving person. When people take liberties with my family or friends or my fans, they cross the line. Nobody’s going to get away with taking liberties.-Hulk Hogan

(on what he would say to his younger self) Hulk, you’re going to like yourself more in five years than you do now. Someone will love you for who your heart is, not for how big you are and not for the shiny belt.-Hulk Hogan

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