51+ Inspiring Jodi Picoult Quotes & Sayings

Jodi Picoult Quotes

  1. “The only way we can know what’s good for another person is to ask them. Not everyone wants to be fixed.”
  2. “No one ever said it was easy being a parent; you gotta be on your toes all the time, always taking care of somebody else. And somebody else needs you to take care of him or her, too.”
  3. “Death is never just about death.”
  4. “What’s the point of having all this talent if you’re not going to use it?”
  5. “Your life is a story. It’s full of mystery, excitement, triumph and heartbreak.”
  6. “There are people who live in a world where the law of averages doesn’t apply and they can get away with anything.”
  7. “What makes a person feel worthy? What keeps them from being full of self-loathing?”
  8. “When you’re alive, you have everything to lose. When you’re dead, you have nothing.”
  9. “When the morning comes, do it all over again.”
  10. “You have to live your life a little bit every day because sometimes there aren’t any laws that protect you from doing something stupid again and again and again.”
  11. “It may sound trite or simplistic to say love is love – well, sometimes it is, but as the great philosopher Mr. Spock once said to his sidekick Mr. McCoy, ‘A thing is true.’ And that’s really what love is, isn’t it? It’s the truth.”- Jodi Picoult
  12. “You can’t choose who you fall for. It’s not like the movies, where two people are suddenly aware of being in love and then they kiss and that’s it. In real life it’s more like a dog chasing its tail—a lot of dashing after something you can never catch.”
  13. “We need to try to understand that a person is not his disease, or the pain he endures, or his death. His life is what we should remember.”
  14. “It is impossible to make someone want something they don’t want.”
  15. “Sometimes the thing we most dread turns out to be the very thing that saves us.”
  16. “There is no untying a person’s heart. Once it takes hold, the only choice is to follow wherever it leads.”
  17. “I’ve always been attracted to stories about families—whether I’m reading them or writing them.”
  18. “It’s not our job to fix someone else’s problems. It’s our job to help fix our own.”
  19. “I know what it’s like for a person to want something that they really can’t have. And I think about the way they feel when they’re thinking about what they want, and I think about how I felt when I wanted it, too.”
  20. “The thing about love is that it has to be choice. You can’t have someone decide for you, because then it does not love. It’s control.”
  21. “You can’t blame people for wanting their stories told.”
  22. “As adults, we forget that kids know all kinds of things—bad things, scary things—and they live in a very different world than we think they do.”
  23. “I never meant to hurt her, but I did, and as a result, my life was taken from me. If that’s not a reason to put down the bottle right then and there…”
  24. “We are all looking for something to love.”
  25. “But here’s the thing about pain: It demands to be felt. You can’t just bury it and forget about it…It stays alive in your body until you let it go.”
  26. “The worst part of all this is that I don’t even remember what it is I took. But the fear keeps coming back like a killer whale that you can see behind you.”
  27. “Put your faith in God, and God will understand. Put your faith in people, and they will forget. Put your faith in things, and they will fail you. Put your faith in yourself and you’ll never be hurt.”
  28. “Unless you’re willing to take a chance unless you’re willing to give up everything you are, you’ll never have the chance to become everything that you can be.”
  29. “But in a way, when we die, we’re given back to ourselves again. So what does it matter what people say or think about us?”
  30. “A person isn’t their disease. They don’t deserve pity because of it. And they certainly don’t owe anyone an explanation. They just are what they are.”
  31. “I remember the moment when I knew God would never leave me. I was in my bathroom, brushing my hair, and at the same time, I felt another woman’s hands take hold of her own head and start pulling…She was pulling away from me! It was like a punch in the gut, and I bolted to her door, but it was locked.”
  32. “To me, the memory of love always seems to be tangled up with pain.”
  33. “When you know how to love yourself, you can say “I’m not being treated fairly” without blaming anybody else for your unhappiness.”
  34. “I’m not afraid of losing Liddy—of course, I’m afraid of that—but I’m also afraid of losing myself.”
  35. “If you’re meant to be together, it will happen. Even if you don’t make it through the darkest times, you can make it through the mild ones.”
  36. “The best way out is always through.”
  37. “You can’t just bury something and forget about it like that. It stays alive in your body until you let it go.”
  38. “I never meant to hurt her, but I did, and as a result, my life was taken from me. If that’s not a reason to put down the bottle right then and there…”
  39. “People were like flies on the wall. They could sit there all day long, watching us, seeing nothing that they hadn’t already seen before.”
  40. “That’s what you get for trusting other people with your secrets—because everyone has their own agenda in life. No matter who it is, no one can be trusted to keep your secrets completely.”
  41. “I’ve always envied people who could feel, really feel, and if there was a way that I could get close to feeling something without hurting myself, without losing my mind or my self-respect, then I would do it.”
  42. “I was dead already. My spirit had died a long, long time ago.”
  43. “No one is born an addict—it is a learned behavior.”
  44. “And I think you’re right, maybe some people do deserve to get hurt for the things they do to innocent people.”
  45. “I have a very low threshold for pain. If someone is trying to hurt me, it doesn’t matter how good they are at what they do—I can’t heal from that.”
  46. “I’m not a saint. I’m not perfect. I made mistakes, and bad things happened to me because of them, the same as they happened to everyone else. But I had the courage not to run away from all of that.”
  47. “Life is hard. And bad things happen to good people, and sometimes all you can do is try not to let the bad stuff pile up so high that you can’t climb out.”
  48. “It’s easy to hate someone when they make you angry, but it takes a lot of character to forgive them when they’ve hurt you, especially if they would have been better off without your forgiveness.”
  49. “I have a really long memory for people who betray me. It’s one of my good qualities. I also have a really bad memory for people who are there for me. It’s one of my bad qualities.”
  50. “I really wish I didn’t know so much about the world sometimes. Then I wouldn’t feel like such an outsider or have to be so angry all the time.”
  51. “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

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