153+ (BEST) Inspirational Juuzou Suzuya Quotes

About Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya is a character and one of the protagonists from the popular manga series, Tokyo Ghoul. He is a half-ghoul with an intensified sense of smell due to his ghoul heritage.

He hunts ghouls and other ghoul-like beings, often ruthlessly, and eats them as a form of sustenance. Juuzou is best friends with Kaneki Ken as he had turned Kaneki in to authorities which lead to Kaneki becoming a ghoul and having to flee.

He later goes missing and is presumed dead, but in the finale of Season 1, he returns to aid in the battle against Arima Kishou.

Suzuya is an anti-social, and brutal investigator for the CCG. According to the anime, Suzuya was raised in a prestigious family that had a belief in self-sufficiency. His family thought that people who rely on others to get by are freeloaders, and they would not even help an injured person.

Suzuya takes this to heart and believes that those who cannot protect themselves have no value.

Suzuya came from a high-class family, where everyone was taught to fend for themselves and be self-sufficient.

In his family, he learned to always rely on himself, since his family would not help anyone. He believed that for people to be of use, they had to be strong and could not be useless, though he did not believe that it was right to force others to do something they cannot do.

After his parents died and he was adopted into Suzuya family, he became a CCG Investigator and joined the Suzuya Squad.

Juuzou Suzuya Quotes

“The world is a wonderful and terrible place at the same time.”

“I’m not really in the mood to talk about it, but I got something to say. If you need something, kill them instead of me.”

“This costume is giving me a headache.”

“It’s nice that you want someone to rely on? Well, there’s no one I can rely on!”-Juuzou Suzuya

“I’m finally gonna have my revenge soon… -Juuzou Suzuya

“Guts and glory mean everything to me. I’m a man who has no interest in peace.”-Juuzou Suzuya

“It’s not like I want to go home… but… I miss it.”

“You can’t live looking forward or back; the only thing you can do is look straight ahead and keep moving.”

“I don’t need hope. I believe in the strength of the human heart.”

“A better world? I don’t care about that. I just need a world where my friends can live.”-Juuzou Suzuya

“I wish… I wish they hadn’t given up. That we had died together.”

“You’ve really grown,” he said, surprised and pleased by how much Kaneki had changed. “- Juuzou Suzuya

And I…even now…have no regrets.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“I’m just a guy who can’t afford to die.”

“You can’t just hide your head in the sand. You have to face the facts.”

“I chose this path when I became a ghoul! I have no regrets!”

“If you’re going to die, then you should at least go down swinging!” – Juuzou Suzuya

“Farewell, my friend.”

“I won’t let anyone stand in my way!”

“I… can’t protect the weak.”-Juuzou Suzuya

“It’s not as if I’m against humans.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“What do you think it means, ‘becoming human’? Do you think it means getting rid of your instincts? You’re wrong! Becoming human is owning up to everything that you are!” – Juuzou Suzuya

“I know, I’m the human who ate a ghoul. It’s a pure and shameful secret.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“I think that guy who’s been alone all this time is probably just fine.”-Juuzou Suzuya

“I thought we could spend all our time together if push came to shove.”-Juuzou Suzuya

“It’s not like I don’t want to survive this. But even so… I won’t run away. There’s no way I could do that.”-Juuzou Suzuya

“Why do humans kill? Why do humans eat? Because they must to live, right? If you want to live, then eat! Don’t think, just live! That’s why you were born! That’s all there is to it!”-Juuzou Suzuya

“When we want something, we have to give up something else in exchange.”

“You’ve got your ways to gain the upper hand. I’m not gonna give up. You can call me crazy if you want, but I’ll fight any enemy you throw at me! Even if it kills me! Ishikari will never be crushed!” – Juuzou Suzuya

“I don’t know the future. But I don’t regret anything.”

“I’ll protect my friends, no matter what.”-Juuzou Suzuya

“I’m glad you’re here, Kaneki. We’ll always be together- forever.”-Juuzou Suzuya

“I…it hurts. I can’t win, right?” – Juuzou Suzuya

“Maybe…there was no such thing as a peaceful, easy life.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“Besides…even if I were to die, I’d just come back to life.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“I… I’m sorry.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“Hate, Kaneki… You hate what you’re turning into? Then don’t!”-Juuzou Suzuya

“Even if I die, I won’t run.”

“I just want to eat her…” – Juuzou Suzuya

“I’ve already decided to fight in a way that’s more fun for me.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“It’ll be fun… I think it’s just the way I lived my life.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“There are two ways to live. The kind of life we’re having now, and the kind of life where we look back on with regret.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“I’m not gonna run away now. I’m a ghoul, and I won’t ever run away…I believe that in my soul!”-Juuzou Suzuya

“And Kaneki accepted it. It still hurts…but I’m glad I could be of help.”-Juuzou Suzuya

“It’s all right now! I don’t care if I start to rot and fall apart. As long as you can be happy, Kaneki…!”

“Kaneki, you are not alone, do you understand? From here on out, we’re together! We’re a team!” – Juuzou Suzuya

“The only way to move forward is by taking the lives of others.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“Even if my body breaks and my heart rots, I don’t care. The only thing that matters is you remaining human.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“If this is a way I can save Kaneki and Tōta…Then I have no regrets…” – Juuzou Suzuya

“Just had to give it to him. Who better to stop him than me? Don’t get in my way!” – Juuzou Suzuya

“I won’t let you do it! From now on, you will be mine!” – Juuzou Suzuya

“You’re a good kid, Kaneki…And I think I understand you well enough.”

“I’m alright with whatever happens to me…So don’t worry about me…!” – Juuzou Suzuya

“If there’s something we can do…then I’ll make a stand. We’re all protecting you, Kaneki!” – Suzuya’s group

“I’ll get Kaneki back… If that means putting myself in danger…then I won’t let anyone stop me!” – “So it was you”

“So I’m still hungry to make the world a better place…I didn’t know how much until now.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“I’m a ghoul investigator. I’ve made many wonderful memories with everyone in Kaneki’s group.” – Juuzou Suzuya

No regrets” – Juuzou Suzuya

“If there’s something you want to do now, then I’ll help you do it!” – Juuzou Suzuya

“In this world there are evil people who will make you cry, but I will end these tears for you.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“I won’t let anyone stand in my way.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“That’s right… this is my way of living. It’s fine as long as that’s my wish.”

“This is what I wanted to do, becoming a ghoul. It was just like when I first joined CCG. I became stronger so that I could protect you, Kaneki…” – Juuzou Suzuya

“You… You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll just keep on fighting until my body breaks…” – Juuzou Suzuya

“This is why I couldn’t save anyone, not even myself.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“It’s been a long time since I last saw you in this world.” – Juuzou Suzuya

“It’s not like I’m against humanity… It just means that I don’t care about people.”- Juuzou Suzuya

“To protect the Police Force, to protect humans, and to protect everything else!”- Juuzou Suzuya

“If you’re going to die anyways then all you can do is go down swinging.

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