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About Ken Kaneki

The protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, Ken Kaneki, is a bookish college student who does not know much about the world before his transformation and subsequent surgery.

A shy and introverted boy, Kaneki attempts to carve a niche for himself in the world and finds that his dual life as a human-ghoul hybrid brings him more troubles than he can keep up with. He feels as though the world is conspiring against him and that he is trapped.

His overwhelming guilt from the death of Rize and his anger at his own helplessness are what keep him from being able to go back to a “normal” life. Ken Kaneki is a confused and introverted college student with a great capacity for empathy and intelligence

Ken Kaneki quotes

“It’s not the world that’s messed up; it’s those of us in it. Yes, some ghouls walk a path that leaves sorrow in their wake, but just like humans, we can choose a different path altogether. We have a lot to learn, both your kind and mine. We need to stop fighting, and start talking. Because when it comes to the state of the world, you can’t point your finger at ghouls or humans. We’re all to blame.” – Kaneki Ken

“There are two kinds of monsters in this world. Those you fight and those you run from.” – Ken Kaneki

“If he (Hide) is like me, a human trapped in a ghoul’s body, then I can relate to the pain of hiding what he really is. That’s why I need to save him, even if it means putting my life on the line. I am one who escaped from both humans and ghouls: a man who lives by himself. I am a human, and I am a ghoul.” – Ken Kaneki

“It seems there is always something threatening to our survival lurking in the shadowy corners of life. This time it’s the ghouls that pose a threat to our existence.” – Ken Kaneki

“Becoming a monster in order to defeat a monster… Is that really the right way to go about it?” – Ken Kaneki

“I’m different now. I’ll explode if I don’t eat human flesh, and I can even control other ghouls. It’s like I was born this way, or like it was my fate to have these powers.” – Ken Kaneki

“Never trust anyone too much, remember the devil was once an angel.” – Kaneki Ken

“Don’t try to save the world; just do whatever you think is right.” – Kaneki Ken

“Stop running away, Kaneki!” – Ken Kaneki

“There is a way to deal with ghouls; there are ways to live if you’re a human and there are ways to live if you’re a ghoul. The only way to survive is to try many things and see which one works best for you.” – Ken Kaneki

“I was born as a human and will die as one, but I am a ghoul who chose to live by his own will.” – Ken Kaneki

“I want to live both as a human and a ghoul, not just for me, but for other humans too.” – Ken Kaneki

“I was wrong. I wasn’t eating ghouls. I’m the one who was being eaten.” – Kaneki Ken

“I am a monster. A monster that eats humans. That’s why I must fight and protect them. I’ll always be scared and confused. But if it means protecting them, then I’ll accept it. And…that is enough for me to keep on living as a human!” – Ken Kaneki

“Human relationships are chemical reactions. If you have a reaction then you can never return back to your previous state of being.” – Kaneki Ken

“I finally understand what I’m fighting for. It’s not about the war. The real fight is the one between humans and ghouls, a fight that will decide the survival of our species.” – Ken Kaneki

“My name is Ken Kaneki, but my last name is Hide.” – Ken Kaneki

“I can’t afford to lose. Not now, not after all the pain I’ve endured. If this is also my way of keeping myself together, then that’s fine with me. Whatever my reason ends up being, I’m fine with it as long as I can keep living.” – Ken Kaneki

“I’m not running away, I’m just borrowing your body for a little while.” – Kaneki Ken

“If humans and ghouls coexist, what happens to us?” – Ken Kaneki

“To make dreams come true, you can’t be afraid of the wind. You can’t be afraid of being alone. You can’t be afraid to lose your way. If you do, then you’re not worthy of being called a dreamer.” – Ken Kaneki

“I can’t win the fight against the world, but… I don’t want to lose it!” – Ken Kaneki

“It’s not that I thought of you as my enemy, but you scared me. You were too much like me. I couldn’t forgive the other me in disguise, so I decided to run away from you and everything else. But now I realize that was a mistake. I ran away from myself. I’ve come to realize that I can only run away from my problems. But I don’t want to run any longer. It isn’t just a matter of not wanting to run, but also a matter of knowing I can’t win. So, I decided to fight.” – Ken Kaneki

“That’s right! I realized that I can’t win, but at the same time, I realize that I don’t want to lose. So, the only reason left for me to continue living is because it is worth fighting for! That’s why…there is no other choice but to fight for my inner desire and the desire of others. If I accomplish that, then I’ll be able to live.” – Ken Kaneki

“Do you remember when we first met? You asked me why I looked like a ghoul. But you were the one who was always talking about human desires and regrets while looking like a ghoul.” – Ken Kaneki

“You said the only way to survive is to know what you want and fight for it. You said it’s the only way to win. I am going to fight! I know I can’t win against the world, but…I don’t want to lose to it! I know how unsatisfying that sounds. But if running away is a sign of weakness, then so be it. If running away is a mistake, then so be it. But I won’t run anymore.” – Ken Kaneki

“That is why I will stand up and fight for the desires of everyone, for the dreams of those around me.” – Ken Kaneki

“I don’t want to disappoint others so I’ll save them before it’s too late. I’ll protect what I believe in. That is my only reason for living. That is my way of fighting for others.” – Ken Kaneki

“I think I have a right to live, if only a little bit longer! I have the right to learn about myself and know who I am! If I am going to die anyway, it would be better to die for something I believe in than for nothing at all. I will hold my head high knowing that I fought for the life that I wanted.” – Ken Kaneki

“I may not be able to fight for a long time but I will fight for as long as I can.” -Tokyo Ghoul

“I want to live…and laugh…and cry…and grieve…It’s only natural that I do, no matter who or what I am!” -Tokyo Ghoul

“Why is it that the beautiful things are entwined more deeply with death than with life?” – Kaneki Ken

“Saya, can you look at me? I want you to understand that…I’ll never let you go.” – Tōka Kirishima

“I may not be able to hear your voice or smile back at you, but one day we will meet again and laugh. I promise that someday my heart will reach out to yours and tell it not to cry. That will be the only thing I can do for you…Please believe in that.” – Touka

Shuu Tsukiyama Quotes

“I hope that I don’t disappoint you.”

“I am just a bit tired. You have to understand me, just as I do you.”

“Are you…really enjoying our time together?” – Shuu to Touka

Hoshizora Rin Quotes

“We can talk until we run out of things to say!”

“You feel like you’ve been holding your breath for a long time?”

“Everything you do makes me happy, even if it doesn’t make sense. I wish you could find a way to express that, though.”

Rize Kamishiro Quotes

“The strong eat the weak…but it isn’t that simple, is it? It is up to us who do what we want.”

“I want to be a hero.”

“Even the bad things are linked to the good. If we forget that, everything we do will end up being for nothing in the end.”

Kouka Kirishima Quotes

“That’s right, you’re quite a good actress! I don’t care what happens to me, but I can’t stand that kind of play! If something like that happens again, I’ll use my special powers to give everyone around me the punishment they deserve!!”

“There are a lot of things we can learn from each other. You just have to understand that you cannot handle everything on your own.”

Arima Kishō Quotes

“I did it… I’m alive! While I was driving, I thought about everything that happened to me on this island. All of those memories became my strength, enabling me to open the door!”

Ayato Kirishima Quotes

“It’s okay to feel something—no matter how small it is. Even if you think it’s something meaningless, it’s still your feeling. It’s proof that you are alive. And sometimes, those small things can be more important than anything else, depending on the situation…No matter how much time passes, I want to stay by your side and watch over you.”

 Haise Sasaki Quotes

“My name is no longer Ken Kaneki, but Haise Sasaki.” – Haise Sasaki

“I don’t have a home anymore, or the family I loved. I don’t even know if I can still call myself human. But if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that I’ll never be a monster like you.” – Haise Sasaki

“I refuse to continue being a puppet for the CCG. I’m sick of your use of ghouls as tools or toys! My existence… is my own!” – Haise Sasaki

“This isn’t quite what I imagined when you told me you were the one who saved me on that day. I thought it would be you, here, in front of me, saying all this.

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