Best Nagato Uzumaki Quotes

  1. “Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.”
  2. “Love is sacrifice…”- Nagato Uzumaki
  3. “if you don’t understand someone’s pain then you don’t understand him”- Nagato Uzumaki.
  4. “Pain is the best teacher.”- Nagato Uzumaki.
  5. “But I always hold on to hope that one day, you’ll see what I see and find the peace that I found.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  6. “You may not understand it now, but you will someday.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  7. “It is a sin to sacrifice an innocent’s life for your own happiness” – Nagato Uzumaki
  8. “The path to peace requires a lot of pain and suffering” – Nagato Uzumaki
  9. “The man who cast aside his humanity and jumped off the cliff has finally found a purpose.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  10. “Justice is not blind… it sees but doesn’t always judge correctly.” – Nagato Uzumaki
  11. “No matter how hard you try, you will never understand why I did what i did.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  12. “”The purpose of pain and suffering is to wipe away the impurities of our souls” – Nagato Uzumaki
  13. “And what if I do?”- Nagato Uzumaki
  14. “Even peace has a price.” – Nagato Uzumaki
  15. “It’s sad that people can’t realize their true feelings until they’re on the brink of death.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  16. “Even if you’re alive, you’re dead to me.
  17. “The world will not be moved by words… only actions” – Nagato Uzumaki
  18. “To know more is to understand less.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  19. “This world wasn’t meant for them.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  20. “It’s okay to cry.” – Nagato Uzumaki
  21. “The thing you value the most in this world will be taken away from you.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  22. “There are only two paths you can go through in life; a highway of pain or an ocean of regret.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  23. “When someone dies, they don’t just leave their bodies behind… they leave their regrets.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  24. “My actions come from my desperation and loneliness, not hatred.”- Nagato Uzumaki.
  25. “I will be the one who protects you instead of the other way around this time.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  26. “I don’t want to see you get hurt.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  27. “If I’m the one to protect you, then I’ll do it without hesitation.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  28. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  29. “We’re only alive because we’re stubborn and strong enough to overcome pain and suffering.” – Nagato Uzumaki
  30. “Pain is a part of life…” Nagato Uzumaki
  31. “Those who stand up and fight to protect peace will always be remembered in the history books.” – Nagato Uzumaki
  32. “The moment you kill someone, it’s over… just as the moment they’re born. The moment you love someone, it’s over. Those are the moments you’ve got to cherish.” – Nagato Uzumaki
  33. “Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s right…” Nagato Uzumaki
  34. “True peace can never be achieved as long as the man still sheds man’s blood.” Nagato Uzumaki
  35. “A person who becomes evil is one who was good, but gave in to the pain and suffering in their lives.” – Nagato Uzumaki
  36. “Once we start fighting, there is no turning back.” – Nagato Uzumaki
  37. “If we live like this, we’ll never achieve true peace.” – Nagato Uzumaki
  38. “Your actions define your reality!”-Nagato Uzumaki
  39. “I was just too weak to protect the things closest to me…”- Narto Uzumaki
  40. “Love is not something exclusive to those who would die for each other…”-Nagato Uzumaki
  41. “If you care about someone… you should seize the day and tell them how you feel. You should do it without holding back, because if you let it go, how will you ever know if they like you back?” – Nagato Uzumaki
  42. “Life is very difficult, but…”- Nagato Uzumaki
  43. “And then… I felt the possibility of true happiness.”- Narto Uzumaki
  44. “I’m sorry for making people suffer.”- Nagato Uzumaki
  45. “I promised to protect everyone… no matter what it takes…

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