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100 (BEST) Motivational Qasim Ali Shah Quotes About Life

Qasim Ali Shah  Motivational Quotes

“Whatever the human mind can think clearly it can be achieved.”- Qasim Ali Shah

The best teachers in your life are the ones who change the way you think. -Qasim Ali Shah

Failing in a respectful way is better than a disrespectful victory. –Qasim Ali Shah

Peace and prosperity never descend from the sky. Love and respect are not gained by asking but by giving to people. –Qasim Ali Shah.

Believing in ALLAH who is the Most Generous will create the quality of generosity in you too. –Qasim Ali Shah

If we learn how to deal with people 50 percent of our problems are solved. And our productivity increases by 90 percent. –Qasim Ali Shah

The road to success is always difficult. Climbing heights is never easy. In order to reach the top, you have to climb heights–Qasim Ali Shah

Success is only possible with a great team. To be a success of any size, you have to have a great team- Qasim Ali Shah

The biggest barrier between you and success is your thinking. –Qasim Ali Shah

Hardships never last, but tough people always do –Qasim Ali Shah

The traits of successful people are activity, patience, hard work & sincerity –Qasim Ali Shah

DON’T be scared to fail! Everybody fails sometimes. We have to move on and try again. –Qasim Ali Shah

We are all in the same boat, the question is whether we will row or drift –Qasim Ali Shah

Dying isn’t easy enough for us so why should it be for our children? – Qasim Ali Shah

Worth is not what you are worth but what other people think about you. –Qasim Ali Shah

Growing up doesn’t happen at the same time for everyone.-Qasim Ali Shah

Being Happy isn’t merely a state of mind but it is a product of your choices, decisions and actions. – Qasim Ali Shah

The world will teach you how to treat you–Qasim Ali Shah

Mistakes are like stones thrown in water. They create ripples and can sink us but they can also make us stronger. –Qasim Ali Shah

The best time of your life is now. Every moment spent complaining is a moment away from happiness. –Qasim Ali Shah

How long could we do something if we knew how little time we had left?-Qasim Ali Shah

You can’t be successful without failing first-Qasim Ali Shah

“I always thought that sharing my opinion was more important than making friends” – Qasim Ali Shah

“At times, I do things for the wrong reasons, but at least I am aware of that.” – Qasim Ali Shah

In this world, you must be somebody to be anything. –Qasim Ali Shah

To be good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it for the rest of your life. –Qasim Ali Shah

The best way to predict your future is to create it. –Qasim Ali Shah

I never feel better than when I’m doing something productive. –Qasim Ali Shah

Do not let your fears determine your actions! -Qasim Ali Shah

If you base your opinion on current behaviour, you will always be wrong in predicting a person’s future. –Qasim Ali Shah

The moment you stop caring about what other people think of you, you will start to feel a lot better about yourself! -Qasim Ali Shah

The person who drives you crazy is probably the one going through life with a smile on his face. –Qasim Ali Shah

If a person can change his or her mind in a week of time, he or she is truly DISARRAYED! -Qasim Ali Shah

The only people who never fail are those who never try -Qasim Ali Shah

It’s easy to decide what is best for us but difficult to do it willingly. -Qasim Ali Shah

If we get life by paying the price of the present, then I think we should make sure that we get it at a much cheaper rate! -Qasim Ali Shah

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than to look like you have nothing to say –Qasim Ali Shah

Never ever listen to those people who argue against you for no apparent reason why –Qasim Ali Shah

Being able to accept criticism is the biggest sign of maturity -Qasim Ali Shah

I love the days when I learn something new from a person who is considered slow, clumsy and dull. –Qasim Ali Shah

If you make friends with yourself, there will be no need of making friends with others –Qasim Ali Shah

You are the one who decides whether to be happy or not, it’s within your power-Qasim Ali Shah

Life is a gift that you have to open and enjoy -Qasim Ali Shah

It’s the fact that you thought of it that you should thank yourself –Qasim Ali Shah

The way people treat you is their karma; the way you react is yours -Qasim Ali Shah

Every day we make hundreds of decisions without knowing whether they are right or wrong-Qasim Ali Shah

If you are happy with yourself, the whole world will be happy with you –Qasim Ali Shah

Ever since we were born, we have been listening to our parents and teachers. We now get to decide on what we will listen to in the future-Qasim Ali Shah

Are you doing things for yourself or are they because of your parents? -Qasim Ali Shah

If you try to be someone else, you will lose the person you are meant to be. –Qasim Ali Shah

In this world, only those people with a ‘decent’ sense of humor can survive! –Qasim Ali Shah

Every day is a battle between what you want and what you deserve -Qasim Ali Shah

A person who never lets their past interfere with their present is someone we should all look up to-Qasim Ali Shah

Inspirational Qasim Ali Shah Quotes  about life

If you want to have a successful future, never forget the past -Qasim Ali Shah

Everyone wants to be happy, but not everyone knows how to make that happen-Qasim Ali Shah

In order to be happy, you can’t give up on yourself. –Qasim Ali Shah

You have been given one more opportunity in your life. Make the best of it – Qasim Ali Shah

You have to make life worth living, not a mere existence –Qasim Ali Shah

When you want something, the world applies all kinds of pressures on you to make you give up. But when you don’t want something, it applies no pressure at all-Qasim Ali Shah

If you are never satisfied with yourself, no one else will be either – Qasim Ali Shah

You have to accept yourself, you can’t change others-Qasim Ali Shah

Find the right direction and you will find the right road –Qasim Ali Shah

You should never let your past dictate your decisions now-Qasim Ali Shah

We all have mind and heart, but not everyone knows how to use them- Qasim Ali Shah

If you want to succeed, you’ve got to find your own path –Qasim Ali Shah

You can teach a man how to get rich, but unless he understands wealth, it won’t do anything for him –Qasim Ali Shah

Some people want it all right now; they never learn that patience and time create more chances than the fastest stick in the bundle –Qasim Ali Shah

Make sure to find the ingredients, but share them easily with others. Allah will always keep you in ease. Qasim Ali Shah

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