Quotes About Betrayal in Friendship & Unloyal Quotes

Best Unloyal Quotes

Loyalty is like air, you don’t notice it until the right person comes along.

Loyalty makes you do things you never thought were possible for yourself.

The worst thing a quitter does is he leaves his friends behind on the battlefield.

Loyalty is being there when no one else will be there for you and to keep being there even if they are gone, but not to win your heart back because then they know what they mean to me and I wont let them go again!

I don’t need a heart to love you, I need smarts to make you want me.

Love is like a shark, it needs water to survive.

Loyalty makes people do things they wouldn’t do on their own.

the best way to change someone is to make them afraid that their loyalty will be betrayed

Family and Loyalty are the most valuable things in life – those who destroy family and loyalty will in the end destroy themselves!

Loyalty is like an anchor. If you value loyalty in your friends, be loyal to them.

Unloyalty is such a dirty word, but it happens so much nowadays…for example, revenge…

True love is not about being with someone who is but with someone who understands when you are not

The real measure of a man’s character is his attitude towards those whom society rejects

No amount of money can buy back loyalty.

All we have is today, so live every day like it’s your last, and one day you’ll find that tomorrow never comes.

I don’t know if I’m pretty or not, but my smile is the prettiest thing about me.

When you’ve been hurt a few times by the same person, you learn to take the pain and walk away!

Don’t pretend loyalty when you feel nothing!

If you need me when I’m gone, then I was never yours.

Loyality is humility and humbleness to love somebody and be with them for their true self, nobody can judge you.

It takes a lot of guts to stand by your loyalty!

There is no loyalty in affairs of the heart, it is a fickle friend that will often betray you

If someone does not value loyalty, do not value them at all! Telling the truth is hard but worth it.

If your heart is true, you won’t need loyalty.

The key to life is not in winning or losing but being true to yourself and showing loyalty to those who are trying to do just that!

Do you think I’m loyal? Well, you just might be wrong!

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Loyalty goes beyond the grave for some people! They will follow them until they die and even after!

A lie in loyalty is a lie in love!

True loyalty means to stand by your friend, through the good and the bad.

Loyalty is a trait that should be shown by everyone, the smallest gesture can mean everything for someone else.

Where there is loyalty you’ll find me!

A friend who has walked a thousand miles with you will not leave you at the first sign of trouble!

Loyalty shows you are at least trying to change for the better…

Unloyal Girlfriend Quotes/Boyfriend Quotes

When you do something, you should do it for the right reasons.

Loyalty can be lost in just a few seconds!

A true friend is someone who understands when you are not the same as he is, but at least he fights for your cause to be more like him!

Loyalty will see you through thick and thin, no matter what!

Loyalty is like a rusty nail that will always need to be hammered down once in a while!

Loyalty is a fine thing, but sometimes it just can’t be relied on.

Loyalty can make you crazy – trust me I know!

When someone has robbed you of your loyalty, they’ll try to steal your heart as well!

Loyalty is like oxygen; without it people will suffocate and go mad in this world!

If you find yourself alone, then you don’t have any loyalty in your heart!

When someone asks for my loyalty, they better be ready for the consequences if I’m not loyal to them!

There is nothing that will stop me from showing my true colours when it comes to loyalty!

Never trust a friend who does not show his true colours until he needs your help

Loyalty can sometimes be your biggest downfall!

Loyalty for no reason is just as bad as disloyalty for a good reason!

Loyalty is something that cannot be bought – you have to earn it and trust me it can be hard!

There are people out there who will betray their closest friends! They promise your loyalty and then they take everything from you!

I am loyal to the wrong people; that’s how I ended up like this!

I think blood is thicker than loyalty!

Loyalty is a trait that shouldn’t be shown to everyone because everyone already has a loyal heart.

How can you trust someone who is taken by the things of the world?

Loyalty has a lot to do with the world; it can be lost in just a second!

Those who walk on by without caring about loyalty show me that they have no business being called friends!

Loyalty is a trait that can only exist between people who are true to themselves and others.

It’s hard to find loyal friends in a world like this!

I’m not loyal, even though it looks like i am, just because i have no friends!

I don’t do loyalty; unless someone gives me something in return, that is!

Being loyal is often seen as a good thing but there are times when you should watch out for the bad people!

Loyalty can be a weakness; it’s your choice whether you have one or not!

Loyalty is more important than love; no matter how bad things get, you have to always have it!

If you harshly criticize your friends, then they will become your enemies in a heart beat!

You will never learn to be loyal until someone who is better than you brings out the best in you!

There is no loyalty in my heart – unless I want something from someone, I don’t care!

Loyalty is a trait that can only exist between family and friends; it’s the rest of the world that has to deal with me!

Loyalty can lead to unity; unity can lead to weakness and betrayal!

Loyalty not only causes unity and weakness, but it can also cause betrayal!

You may think that you have loyalty to your family but you might be wrong.

Betrayal In Friendship Quotes

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.

Friends come and go; love doesn’t.

Sons are hard to raise; mothers are not always right.

Family is the one thing that lasts forever; without sacrifice, there can be no loyalty or love.

“If you can’t see the forest for the trees then you lack perspective.

Friends are like children; you have to let them go because if you hold on too long, they won’t come back to you!

What makes a friend is a common interest, but what makes a true friend is loyalty and trust.

If you find a good friend or lover, then make sure that they stay by your side by being loyal to them!

Never take friendship for granted – even the person with no loyalty can become disloyal at any time!

Give what you can to the ones in need! This is the most important form of charity you can have towards your friends and loved ones.

When deciding to do something, never expect it to be easy; it will always require hard work and determination. Every time you want to do something great, make sure that you are ready to work hard for it!

Do things that bring enjoyment into your life; they are what bring happiness in our lives.

Do not despair if you are doing something that does not bring enjoyment to you, keep going!

Be able to handle the negative comments that people make about you.

Do not over-analyse things, enjoy life and just go with the flow of life; do not be a butterfly in a glass case!

When you face difficulties, it is okay to tell yourself that things are fine, but do not believe it yourself.

The hardest thing to do in life is lost and be loyal to those who you love but sometimes, this does not come amiss.

You will get into a lot of trouble if you preach loyalty on the principle that everyone else is disloyal!

Do not waste your time worrying about things that are beyond your control; just move on.

Embrace your life with passion and fight for what you believe in!

If you want something, work hard for it. If you get something, hug it to your heart; if you lose it, don’t let it go.

Never stop on the path to success – make sure that you keep moving forward!

Never hate or resent someone who betrays you – just try to help them understand the damage they have caused!

You cannot help someone who does not want to be helped!

It is impossible to change the past but it is important to try and forgive those who have betrayed you in the past!

When someone betrays you, try to understand why they did it.

Do not waste your time worrying about the things that are out of your control – just enjoy life!

Make sure that you do not forget those who have betrayed you so that they never forget what they did wrong!

Disloyal Friend Quotes

Disloyalty is more than just a feeling; it is a criminal act that should be punished!

It’s okay to be loyal to your friends, but you shouldn’t let them take advantage of you!

If someone betrays you, ask yourself why they did it and then forgive them; it’s the best revenge!

Disloyalty is the only thing that will break up someone’s happy home.

Never donate to a cause if they do not have your loyalty.

Never trust a person who will not show their true colours until they need your help!

You shouldn’t always be loyal to someone; unless you are, how can you expect them to be loyal to you?

There are times when you should stop being loyal to someone, even if they are the only one that is willing to be loyal!

Disloyalty goes hand in hand with betrayal.

It’s okay to give up on loyalty towards someone you know has no loyalty towards you!

Being loyal is not an easy trait to find in this world but when it is found, hold onto it with every ounce of your strength!

When someone betrays you, then they can never be trusted again!

You can’t expect loyalty from someone who has never been loyal to you.

If someone betrays you, then you shouldn’t hold onto them; don’t show them your true colours!

Do not be loyal to people who are disloyal to you!

Disloyalty is the trait of a person who thinks they are better than everyone else; this will cause pain and sadness!

If someone shows their true colors when they should not show them, then they are a disloyal person!

If someone does something bad to you, then punish them harshly; it is the only way they will learn.

It is a crime to destroy the family, so if your friend betrays your family, he did you wrong!

Do not expect loyalty from people who have never given it to anyone else before now!

It’s hard to find loyalty in this world because most people are disloyal!

Always help your friend if you want to see them enjoy the fruits of their labor; it’s not hard, just do it!

There is a difference between disloyalty and betrayal; one is bad and the other can be forgiven!

If someone betrays your family, then they should be punished for it in a harsh way – trust me it will teach them a lesson!


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