What Are the Best Quotes from The Wire?

The Wire Quotes

  1. “It may sound crazy, but I’m the only one who can get this done. And if it’s crazy, then maybe it’s time we see things a little crazy.”
  2. “Anything is better than nothing.”
  3. “In order to be an American without guilt, you have to leave America.”
  4. “If the milk turns out to be sour, don’t blame the cow.”
  5. “I didn’t want any part of them killing each other in they’re own neighborhood. They did what they had to do.”
  6. “There is nothing ‘cut and dry’ about a puzzle. No one’s ever lasting success is ever the result of pure inspiration.”
  7. “And when you’re down and out, listen to the people who see you as human.”
  8. “I aim to misbehave.”
  9. “‘Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today,’ says Darkside Dennis, ‘It’s gonna end tomorrow. Meanwhile, I got me this here gun and some food in my backpack and I’m gonna go out and shoot me a cow.'”
  10. “I ain’t saying the boy was an idiot. But he might have been smart to be an idiot.”
  11. “It’s called the game because somebody’s going to lose.”
  12. “The only thing a man can give his son is his example.”
  13. “When a poor man keeps his mouth shut, he saves himself a hundred blows.”
  14. “I don’t want a man that I can trust to do what’s right, because he’s not gonna do it. I don’t want my men thinking they can trust me to do what’s right. Because I’m not gonna do it. And then, when the situation does come where they have to make a choice, we’re gonna lose all of our people.”
  15. “I have a problem with authority, but authority is necessary for survival. That’s the key.”
  16. “Just got here. Don’t know ’em, don’t care to.”
  17. “A man must have a code.”
  18. “Bottle and a shotgun keep me company…Been living that outlaw life ever since I was released from prison”
  19. “What the f—k did you just say?”
  20. “I’m all about an even break, yo.”
  21. “I believe that if you put a little love into the world, you get a little love back.”
  22. “A man must be what he is.”
  23. “We ain’t come to kill you, Prezbo…If we was gonna kill you, you’d already be dead. We came for Marlo.”
  24. “This is not a drug case, this is a war.”
  25. “A man can die but once. It’s better to die in a bed made with laughter then in one made with tears, and it’s better to die while you’re laughin’ than to never laugh at all.”
  26. “A man must be both a doctor and a father.”
  27. “The American dream is dead. You want somethin’? You come here, you take it.”
  28. “People ain’t good enough for each other if they can’t even be good enough for themselves.”
  29. “Don’t burn your bridges…you may be forced to cross them again.”
  30. “Never let your guard down. Death is always watching.”
  31. “Trust no man.”
  32. “Don’t ever take candy from a baby or drugs from a dealer. And if you do take ’em, don’t pay for ’em.”
  33. “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
  34. “Every day our lives get shorter. Every day our lives get shorter. Every goddamn day. But what do any of us do? Hide under a rock? Cry about it?”
  35. “My name is Jimmy McNulty, I’m a cop, and I’m an alcoholic.”
  36. “All the pieces matter.”
  37. “If you come at the king, you best not miss.”
  38. “They say that it’s better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable. But that’s not what they say in West Baltimore.”
  39. “Not my problem, my friend. Not my problem”
  40. “It’s not a lack of morals that got us into this situation, it’s a lack of money.”
  41. “When you’re done turning your life around, don’t come back here, and tell me it was too late.”
  42. “I do what I have to do…it ain’t nothing personal…my way of life is killing people…and sometimes I catch feelings…and sometimes I don’t. That’s how it is.”
  43. “I didn’t know that he was a snitch, a rat bastard, until I found out he was that way.”
  44. “I’m asking you all to look up to the man in front of you, not as an officer so much as a human being.”
  45. “You know what happens when you take them away from me? When I don’t have no one to run with? All I got left is myself.”

Omar The Wire Quotes

  1. Every time you go to the store, you see them. That woman who is walking from aisle to aisle with a cart filled with chips, cookies, and goodies.
  2. “In many ways I still amaze myself every day by the things people are capable of doing that affect other people’s lives so profoundly in all sorts of ways.” – Denise J. Dubois
  3. “The world’s not a meritocracy, you know. It would seem that if it were, my life would be entirely different than it is.”
  4. “What is the secret to happiness? You can ask me that question and I will give you my answer. I don’t like the sound of that question: what is the secret to happiness? Whatever they are, this one I don’t have.” – John Green (author of The Fault in Our Stars)
  5. “In the interior recesses of your soul, you may be just as afraid, but you are also just as brave.”
  6. “It’s not about being beautiful. It’s about not being afraid to look ugly sometimes because that’s where you find your beauty.”
  7. “I’m not so sure that society would have been a better place if I hadn’t been born.”
  8. “I’ve become a great specialist in failures, and I’ve revealed that they’re not failures at all. They’re the best preparation for success in life.”
  9. “I feel like wherever I go, be it research or traveling, I’m a little bit more popular than everyone else. People know who I am and it’s like two to one. It’s very flattering but also very strange, because you’d never meet anyone like me anywhere else in the world.”

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